Why can sense hub save the device list after it resets , it should have an option to save the old devices

wyze-sense sense-hub should be able to remember device attached to it , if its gets reset accicdentally we should be able to add all prvious devices easyly with out adding manually one after other .
my sense-hub resets often and i have to add all the devices manually , i have like 15 sensors
should have a profile to save my devices

Welcome to the Community @mrr_waze

You comment above would be more of a concern as the Sense Hub should not do a full reset on a regular basis. Are you pressing the button to perform a reset? Asking because there is a method to do a soft reset and not a full reset. A soft reset will maintain the devices that are connected.


The sense hub will save a list of all devices if it is rebooted/power-cycled, and I believe it will remember them if it goes into pairing mode (it’s been a long time since I tried this). It should only lose the list of devices if it goes into a full factory-reset (ie: delete the hub from the app or hold the reset button down for 20 seconds).

If yours is deleting your device list more often, then that sounds like a defect that is different from most people’s experience. It might be worth contacting support to see if they can figure out why that keeps happening to you. I’ve rebooted my hub a good couple of dozen times in the last year and it has never lost all my devices from doing so. I can definitely understand why this would be frustrating for you. Do you have any idea why it is resetting so often? Are you doing that on purpose for some reason, or why is it happening?