Wyze Sense Hub Dropping off WiFi - Comes back with a WAP reboot?

Hey! I recently installed the new Sense Hub and so far, it is meeting my expectations…except…it will sometimes drop off WiFi. (FW ver. -

I have all my IOT hardware on an isolated vlan/ssid using ubiquity firewall/switches and WAPS. The IOT network used by this hub is set to only use 2.4ghz band.

When the hub drops from wifi, it will not come back on its own. Since it is way up high and difficult to reach, I remotely reboot the Ubiquity WAP it connects to and BOOM, its back.

Also - I have three cams (2x v3 and 1x v2), two garage doors, and occasionally my phone (if I am out there) connecting to this WAP and none of them have any issues.

Anyone else seen this type of connectivity issue?

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If your talking about the hub for the wireless outdoor camera the answer is yes ,I added a wifi plug on the hub and on all of our cameras so we can power cycle them

That is interesting, but a bit different in my case. I am talking about the Sense Hub that allows connections to the door sensors, motion sensors, and climate sensors.

I was considering ordering a outdoor cam to see how it works in the cold here in Minnesota, but maybe I will hold off until a few more firmware revisions.

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Same issues here and I have a reddit thread where there’s someone else too. Common denominator is Ubiquity. The other reddit user and I both got replacement hubs that have the same disconnect issues.

Same issue here, and I’m the someone else to whom he is referring. However, I’ve had my Sense hub hardwired pretty much the entire time (configured it for wireless just as part of troubleshooting, I much prefer having it wired for reliability). In my case, simply power cycling the Sense hub by holding the reset button on the back for ~10 seconds resolves the issue, for only for a couple of days.

There definitely seems to be an issue between Ubiquiti hardware and the Sense hub. All the rest of my Wyze gear (which is a lot) works perfectly fine so it’s an issue isolated to the Sense hub. I am willing to provide Wyze detailed router logs, etc. Since the issue is limited to the Sense hub I Wyze needs to take the lead in troubleshooting this issue.

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The issue I had when I posted this has largely disappeared. I am unsure if was Wyze firmware or firmware on my WAPs. I have not noticed the hubs dropping off for at least the last 4 weeks.

My waps are a mix of UAP-AC-LR, UAP-AC-Pro, and U6-Lite.

The AC-LR wap in my shed, where one of the hubs is located and cannot see any other WAPs due to distance/metal walls, is running Not sure if that is helpful in your case, but it may be worth trying the latest firmware.

I’m actually using a standalone UniFi Dream Router, where the AP is integrated and a single Flex Mini 5 port switch. Both are on the latest firmware.