Wyze Sense Hub Disconnects with Ubiquity setup

Full story with the Sense Hub:

App version: 2.28.0 (b99) and previous version
Hub Firmware version: and previous versions
Log file ID #435832
Route This Code: T6VSRC3T

I pre-ordered the sense hub and received it some time around June of 2021. For the first few months everything was fine other than a couple of times that the hub disconnected but I would unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in and the hub would reconnect. Then the update for WiFi came out and I updated the firmware and set up a wireless connection as a backup in case the ethernet stopped working. Over the next few weeks/months the hub started disconnecting more often and became increasingly difficult to get reconnected with having to delete the device and redo the setup sometimes to get it connected again. I opened a support ticket and was told that the network issues were known and a firmware update to address the issue would be released in the future.

While I wasn’t satisfied with the response, I waited until the firmware was released and upgraded my hub. This didn’t resolve my issues and actually made them worse. I couldn’t get the hub to stay connected for 24hrs anymore and eventually it became a brick where I wasn’t even able to delete the device and redo setup in the app. So, I opened another support ticket referencing my issues from before and was sent a replacement hub.

The replacement hub was running an older firmware so I updated it first thing and then set it up with ethernet only. The new hub stayed connected for about 2 days then lost connection. So, I decided to try it with an ethernet and WiFi connection and new ethernet cable and changed the switch port. This setup lasted about 5 days before disconnect. I unplugged the ethernet cable and set up as WiFi only and it has been connected for the past 3 days now with no issue.

During this time I opened a new support ticket for the replacement hub and asked to be escalated to work with senior level technical support on the issue before requesting a refund. I got the back and forth for a while and sent over a ton of information on the issue including log files, old ticket numbers, and I leveraged the Route This application the requested to provide additional information on my network. My ticket was not escalated as I requested until I called the support line and asked for escalation on the phone which was suggested both here and in the final email from the tech support rep.

I’m now told that my problem on WiFi is that I have both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands on the same SSID and that my problem on ethernet is that I am connected to a switch and not directly plugged in to the router. I don’t understand this from a technical perspective as the 2.4/5 would be invisible to the device and it would only connect to the 2.4 if it didn’t support 5GHz. The issue that was stated with the ethernet setup doesn’t make sense to me either as I am plugged in to a switch that is directly connected to the router and it is managed by the UniFi OS. But, the current way forward is that the “supervisor” that I spoke with said I would need to change the SSID on one of my networks and not combine them and also move the hub to directly connect to the router and then call back if it disconnected again.

There is a reddit thread with another person that has the same issues that I am having and the common denominator is a Ubiquity network setup. I have a UDM Pro, 8 port POE switch, and UniFi APs. I really would like to connect with higher level technical support or even the developers to work out the issue but I don’t know how to get there. Does anyone know how I can escalate my tickets to the dev team to analyze the logs and see if we can come up with a solution to the issues? Anyone have ideas on things to try from my network setup?

Does anyone else have a Ubiquity UniFi setup and have the same issues? Answer is yes see links below, also posted in Wyze discord:


Same issue here, and I’m the other person from the reddit thread to whom he is referring. However, I’ve had my Sense hub hardwired pretty much the entire time (configured it for wireless just as part of troubleshooting, I much prefer having it wired for reliability). In my case, simply power cycling the Sense hub by holding the reset button on the back for ~10 seconds resolves the issue but for only for a couple of days. I actually left the replacement Sense hub I received on older firmware ( specifically) for a few days to see if it could be an issue with the most recent firmware that said it addressed “network reliability and performance improvements” and that doesn’t seem to be the case as it showed offline within 2 days so I updated it to the most recent firmware (

I modified my network configuration by moving the hub to be directly connected to the router as the poster above said was suggested by Wyze support (vs being connected to a Ubiquiti 5 port switch that is connected to the router) and it stayed connected exactly one day and is showing offline again.

There definitely seems to be an issue between Ubiquiti hardware and the Sense hub. All the rest of my Wyze gear (which is a lot) works perfectly fine so it’s an issue isolated to the Sense hub. I am willing to provide Wyze detailed router logs, etc. Since the issue is limited to the Sense hub I think Wyze needs to take the lead in troubleshooting this issue and I’ve got an open ticket [Wyze Ticket 1683354] but no longer get any responses to it when I provide additional information.

Having the same issue here. Using Ubiquiti 8 port hub with Sense Hub. The Unifi app shows it only stays connected via hardwire for 2-3 days at most. Resetting the Sense Hub does the trick, but it’s becoming a pain. Also seeing that the ethernet connection is only 10mbps. Been trying to chase down what spec ethernet is included in the sense hub, I would assume fast ethernet, so not sure that has something to do with it. I haven’t looked to see if there is anything happening with the mac address/ip address association.

Welcome fellow Ubiquiti user!

I’m in the middle of testing some different configurations. Thus far, while I would prefer the Sense hub be connected via Ethernet, I’ve been able to keep it connected the longest by doing this:

  1. Change it from Ethernet to WiFi.
  2. Connect it to a SSID that has only 2.4 Ghz enabled. I use a separate IoT WiFi network for all my non-PC/laptop/phone/tablet devices so while I don’t consider it a long-term solution, I reconfigured it to be 2.4 Ghz only temporarily. And even if this works it doesn’t explain why the Sense hub disconnects when connected via Ethernet.

I’ll provide updates in a few days if it stays connected but currently going on 20 hours connected…


Well, that didn’t take long. I just checked it and now the Sense hub is offline again.

Interestingly the router says it’s still online as the uptime keeps going up…


So I think the Sense hub itself is online but it has lost it’s connection to the Wyze Cloud.

Another Ubiquity user here. I have the hub on wireless and will disconnect every 1-3 days. I have tested having the wireless network on 3 different, unique access points and tried wired only. I have factory reset the device when switching between wireless and wired networks, with no change with the issue. on the wireless network, I have turned off 5ghz and the following settings: IoT optimizer, band steering, fast roaming, proxy ARP, UAPSD and BSS transmission, with no change in behavior.

I’m currently testing turning down the IPS feature from high to balanced.

Let us know how it goes. @weasom and I have been discussing what features we have enabled because apparently there are others with Ubiquiti gear that are not having problems with their Sense hub disconnecting. I have both IPS (set to detect but not block but set to maximum protection) and DPI enabled. Since you are testing IPS when mine inevitably disconnects again I’ll try turning off just DPI.

I’ll turn off both next time and see what happens then report back. There’s got to be something different with their configuration but I haven’t seen a response as to what the folks who have it working are/aren’t running. I’d also hope that we can get Wyze devs to take a look and identify the bug for future resolution sine all my other Wyze devices connected to the same network don’t have issues.

Edit: that didn’t take long, mine disconnected again so I have turned off all IPS/IDS/DPI and also removed the minimum bandwidth requirements for my wireless network (was only 6Mbps). I then rebooted all the network gear and subsequently the hub. It’s back connected now so we’ll see if it lasts.

What version of the Ubiquiti Network app are you guys running? I’ve been running 6.5.55 for a while but I noticed there is a Network update available for my UDR this morning (maybe the 7.x version?). I’m considering updating that first to confirm it doesn’t magically resolve the issue and then if it disconnects again then disable DPI.

The Network update was indeed the 7.0.20 release. I’ve updated the Network app on my UDR and powered cycle my Sense hub (it showed disconnected prior to updating anything when I checked it this morning so it went offline overnight apparently).

I’m still on 6.5.55 with no update available, which might be a good thing with Ubiquity

Mine is at 6.5.55 but doesn’t have an update available. Are you on a beta channel for updates @Nilex ?

Official. Apparently there is a bug in the current UniFi OS version where sometimes a Release Candidate update is shown if you are on the Official channel.

This post has more details.,.


FYI, I’ve opened a ticket with Wyze (again) and sent them multiple logs from a working hub and a hub offline. The first thing they are doing is replacing the hub device (again) and reviewing the logs. I would suggest anyone with this issue to open tickets and submit logs. more log sources may help them discover the issue.

Wyze Support attempted to close my open ticket by suggesting it was a network issue with my ISP. I’m technical enough I would consider that my ISP might be blocking certain traffic (although I don’t torrent or anything else that would be the usual traffic an ISP would likely block) and might consider contacting them, except in that scenario I would expect it to be ALL my Wyze devices, not just the Sense hub. That doesn’t bode well for us trying to get this escalated via the normal support channels.

I would be interested in what URLs are different for the hub vs the other devices, if they can tell you.

Yeah, I asked them to explain to me what exactly makes them think it’s my ISP. Unless they are using totally different endpoints only for the Sense hub that makes no sense at all.

Well, I may be jinxing myself here, but since installing the Ubiquiti Network Application 7.0.20 release and rebooting the Sense hub, I’m on day 4 of it not disconnecting. That’s all I changed, Sense hub is still connected via WiFi and I still have DPI and IPS enabled but remember I made my IoT network 2.4Ghz only for testing so it’s still configured that way.

One thing I noticed is the number of IPS threats you can toggle decreased from 35 to 11 (apparently the standard 11 that it has been in the past) so maybe one of those was causing an issue?

I’m going to let it go several more days and if things still look good I’m going to switch back to my preferred wired connection which should allow me to enable 5Ghz on my IoT network as well.

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How’s it going for you guys? I’m on day 8 now, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without it disconnecting. I think this weekend I’ll switch it back to wired and see how it goes.

I’ve dropped connection a few times on the new network app update.