Wyze Sense Hub Alarm Wouldn't Turn Off

Noting a topic on Wyze Forums for the Wyze Sense Hub. Yesterday ran into a situation where our Wyze sense hub alarm wouldn’t turn off despite clearing the alarm with Noonlight and disarming/re-arming the alarm multiple times.

Wyze Sense Hub Firmware:

Ultimately solved using this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wyze/comments/udbtkv/my_alarm_wont_turn_off/

Two issue here:

  1. Alarm continuing to sound after clearing issue is likely a bug
  2. No clear/easy way to reboot the Wyze Sense Hub.
    • I ended up pressing the reset button for 10+ seconds after ~30 mins mins
    • Wondering why there is no way to reboot the hub through the app.
    • Also need clear instructions as to whether the reset button reboots or factory resets the device.
      • Fortunately me pressing this didn’t factory reset, but that was my understanding prior.
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If you hold it long enough, it will do a factory reset. Very poor design: reboot or reset depending on how long you hold the button.


Thanks WildBill. Is the timing documented anywhere? I likely missed it.

I also don’t understand why we wouldn’t be able to trigger a reboot or factory reset from the app.

Here is the article on the reboot:

From one of my other posts:


The main issue is the Hub has a battery backup. So got to overcome that.