Motion Sensor V2 with Home Monitoring Useless

Anyone else find the V2 motion sensors useless for the home monitoring alerts? Even with sensitivity set to low, even when placed in dozens of locations around the house including a windowless half bath with no vents, even when placed higher up they ALWAYS trigger motion at least 5 times per hour when no one is home. I’m assuming this is either sunlight movement or shadows from trees in the house. The first time I set them up for Home Monitoring the alarm was set off 4 times in the span of an hour until I just had to remove them from the Away Alarms. Noonlight was contacted each time which I’m sure is a waste of their time. Is this something Wyze is aware of that is fixable? Otherwise they’re kind of unusable for in home monitoring.


Had a similar problem with a single v2 motion sensor. Wyze support was of little help…current app? Sense hub connected to power? Reboot router and sense hub (which you cannot do.) Their “reboot” solution turned out to be holding the reset button on the hub for 20 seconds which is a factory reset. Never got a good usable answer.


And a follow up on this: here’s a snippet of last nights “motion” events where I can guarantee both my wife and I were, in fact, in bed and fast asleep. It’s literally just every 13 minutes on the dot when an “event” is recorded.

By any chance do you have the motion sensor mounted fairly close to the door sensor? I read in another post somewhere that they can interfere with each other if placed two feet or so from each other.

No. It’s about 20 or so feet away across the room. I did read that as well but wouldn’t think this would apply in my situation.

I wouldn’t think so either, but… As a test, you could remove the contact sensor or its batteries for a little while and see if it affects your issue.

I haven’t seen these issues at all. I have one in a room facing exterior, often open, windows. No false detection events. I have another one in the main part of the house and not issues.

@jmarsh5 Is that the time of day that you usually see the false event occurring?

Quick thought… Have you already submitted a log to Wyze? If not, you can also get a ticket created and reference that log number so that the Wyze people can review and see maybe what is going on as to why this is occurring with that particular V2 motion sensor…

The alerts happen 24/7 like this without fail, consistently, every 13 minutes regardless time of day.

And yeah, I’m working with Wyze support on getting the issue resolved including logs. Sucks that I haven’t had a good first impression with the Motion Sensors — I actually had another one delivered dead on arrival and can’t turn it on. Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve both issues.

Dang. Well hoping this is just a faulty motion sensor then cause it’s super weird that it’s a consistent 13 minute interval that the alerts are coming in 24/7 regardless of time of day.

Yeah, I gave that a shot as a troubleshooting test before reaching out to Wyze with no luck :confused:

Sorry to hear your troubles with the V2 motion sensors…

This is indeed a head scratcher… Seems like it may be in line for a replacement.
(Another quick thought is have you tried setting it up in another part of the house to see it triggers every 13minutes as well?)

(Was the other motion sensor you received literally non functional… After replacing the batteries as well…? Were you able to pair with the HMS or could not get that far? )

I remember a similar issue when beta testing the original sensors and it was related to some sort of “heartbeat” signal that is sent on a specific interval. I don’t recall the resolution.

Best to keep trying your “luck” with support to get them to replace the sensors.

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This was the email response I got regarding a similarly misbehaving motion sensor. It is full of bad advice:

Thanks for reaching out to Wyze. I understand you were in contact with us previously about your Sense v2 sending false notifications, but it seems like we did not receive your emails. For that, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I’m Kayla, and I’m happy to continue helping you.

First, please make sure that your Wyze app is completely up to date. Navigate to the Account tab, tap About. The version will be listed under the Wyze logo. The newest current versions are:

*** For Android - 2.20.21**
*** For iOS - 2.20.142**

Next, please also make sure that the hub is directly connected to the main power source. Once checked, press the reset button on the back of the hub. Let me know if you’re hearing any voice prompts when the button is pressed. If all else fails, please power cycle the sense hub and reboot your router.

If you are still experiencing the same issues after checking the app firmware and trying that troubleshooting, please reply to this email so I can look into the possibility of a replacement for you.

Also, just in case you have any troubles with contacting us through email again, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to assist you! Our support phone number is 1-206-339-9646.

I think what finally fixed all my issues was reinstalling HMS from scratch. I deleted my sensors, keypad and hub first. Then I held the reset button on the hub until I got the message to continue setup in the app. Things seem to be working correctly for the moment.

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Yeah I actually put it in the junk drawer for two days with not one opening it and it still triggered every 13 minutes lol.

And yes the other one was completely non functional after replacing the batteries as well.

Interesting… I’ll give that a shot and report back!

Do you have any entry sensors near your motion sensor?
It is recommend to have over a foot of separation between the motion sensor and any nearby entry sensors to thwart any interference

No sensors within 20 feet.

I agree. Motion sensors useless. First time I left house (set on low sensitivity) within 10 seconds they were calling me. In test mode down in a basement with one window shade up it goes off. I was really excited about the system but will have to return it. Wyze has had incredible products but I am extremely disappointed here. Motion sensor is completely worthless and ruins the whole system. I can’t monitor my phone all day looking for false alarms.

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