Constant false readings on V2 motion sensors

I can’t set my alarm to away without getting a call from Noonlight within a few minutes telling me motion has been detected. I’ve changed batteries from no name brands to lithium batteries-same scenario. Setting the sensors to a lower sensitivity doesn’t help either. Wyze needs to step up their game if they want to be in the home security game. They keep coming up with new ridiculous items to peddle -a gun safe?-REALLY??? - and disregard issues/problems they have with other items customers have already purchased and are utilizing. I also run another alarm system that’s Simpli**** and home security is all they do, which is why they don’t seem to have as many issues with their hardware and software as Wyze does. And yes their items cost more, but I’d be willing to pay more as long as the item works. What’s the point of “saving” some coin if the item you’re purchasing is going to be unused or scrapped because of problems the vendor keeps ignoring. I love you Wyze, but I’ve stopped recommending your HMS to friends and family. There Simpli are better choices out there.

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All motion sensors? Are they facing a heat source such as a window or vent? Any pets?

I have the HMS with 8 V2 motion sensors. My HMS has performed like a champ. I didn’t have any issues until 2 of them hit the floor bc the adhesive is sub-par. They both kept false alarming. I did the same as you. Changed batteries.

I finally deleted the two bad sensors from the App and reinstalled them. One has worked flawlessly since then. The other has again been a problem, but only in cold weather (in my garage, middle of the night, no heat, no light).

When I am testing it, I put the HMS in test mode so Noonlight isn’t notified. The dadgum thing works fine in the house. Will probably have to switch it with one of the indoor ones and rename. I test mine in different places to see if my placement is the issue.

How many sensors? Were they the ones included with the HMS or added onto the starter kit? Bought all at the same time? Did this occur straight out of the box or all of a sudden\gradually after install? Is it a certain time of day or all day every day?

The reason I ask is to see if it is a bad lot. But, if it is every sensor… It might be the hub misinterpreting the RF status update signal… Faulty Hub or FW? What is the FW version on the hub? If it worked fine then started this, most likely FW or introduction of another competing RF source.

May also be RF interference between sensors and hub. Have you tried to move the hub to a different area or put the sensors right next to the hub to see if they trigger? Is the other system competing RF? Have you run it with the other system completely powered down? Is there some other RF in the area?

Just spit balling ideas to narrow the troubleshooting. Once you try some things, We can see what the Wyze Team thinks. They will want all that and a log.

I literally just had Noonlight call me now for a 3rd time due to a faulty Wyze Motion Sensor V2. I have changed batteries and preformed a delete/reinstall each time except for right now since I am not home as I write this. The unit hasn’t fallen or anything so I wonder if it’s just a faulty sensor.

I am still coming down from being shaken up by Noonlight calling and asking if everything is “okay” as the time difference between a text and the call is so fast and all I need are cops showing up at my house for a false reading. I’ve only had this service since Nov of last year and I’m more scared to Alarm the system than to not use it due to these faulty motions.

Does anyone have any other workarounds for faulty Motion sensors V2s? I removed it from my alarm away section for the time being, I’ll most likely get in contact with tech support too. Thanks for your time.

Had the exact same issue. Submitted a help request and Wyze sent me a new motion sensor for free since I only had it from may last year. I’ve tried taking the old one apart and it still doesn’t work right. Keeps detecting motion when there is no motion. New sensor in the same location works just fine.

Good luck.


It’s just the nature of the beast, same sensors made in different factories sometimes have different personalities happens with lots of stuff it’s why you’ll see computer processors with different names that identifies where they were made that sometimes have a different firmware update than another identical cpu made in another factory.