Wyze Sense contact sensor state out of sync due to poor signal or after camera with bridge power loss?

I’ve noticed if the Wyze camera in which the Wyze Sense Bridge is installed loses power, then the current position of the contact sensor(s) can be lost. In the app, the sensor(s) remain in whatever the previous state was (i.e. Open or Closed) even though the sensor could have physically changed position and be in a different state. The only way to update the state in the app is for the contact sensor state/physical position to be changed again?

I would also suspect that sensors further away from the camera with bridge that have lower quality signal strength (like one bar) could also be subject to this same type of problem? If one of the “signals” from the sensor doesn’t make it to the camera bridge to update the sensor state in the app, then it looses track of the current state of the sensor and may not match the physical position.

In both examples the sensor will eventually fix itself whenever the sensor physically moves again to change the state and successfully send “signals”. But depending on how/where the sensor is used that may not happen for some time and it seems like the app could potentially report incorrect information until then.

I’m assuming that’s normal behavior? Probably to conserve battery life, the sensor only sends a “signal” of state change when it physically moves and the state changes. There must not be any periodic signal sent just to relay the current state of the sensor to help correct if it gets out of sync?

BTW my sensors have been working great so far, but I’m just trying to understand any potential problems. Can anyone please help verify/explain the expected functionality of the contact sensors in the examples above? Thanks.

This happens fairly regularly with a couple of my contact sensors.
I don’t recall reading any guidance on maximum distance, but perhaps there should be something in the app that helps to notify that signal strength is too weak to operate.

With no changes to the App, firmware, camera placement, or anything, one contact sensor on Bridge 1 now always reports “Open” and one Motion sensor on Bridge 2 always reports “Motion”. When I force a trigger on either of these sensors (open the door or walk in front of the motion sensor multiple times) they repeatedly report “Open” or “Motion” correctly, but never report “Closed” or “Clear”. I have deleted each sensor from its bridge and re-installed them, but these 2 sensors are always stuck in one state. What other actions should I take?

I suspect bad signal. I had similar issue w/ one contact sensor, mostly report only “open” but seldom report “close” correctly. I extended the antenna (there is another thread they talk about how to do that) and so far it’s working correctly.