Wyze 'sells' you subscriptions they know you don't need

I bought 4 new OGs last month and was just charged for 4 x 1 month Cam+ subscriptions. And this even though I have Cam+ unlimited with dozens of unused licenses.

Now, I know I didn’t ‘opt in’ to buying a new subscription. I don’t need it to get the service I already have subscribed for. And I never received the warning ‘we’re going to charge you next week for those 4 Cam+ subscriptions we signed you up for even though you don’t need them.’

How would they like it if they bought a screwdriver from Amazon, and then amazon started sending and charging them for screws every month? Without warning.

This is not the way a reputable or ethical company works.

I’m not even sure it’s legal to make people ‘opt out’ of things or just start charging them.

I’m pretty disappointed in Wyze.

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You are not alone.

I replied in other threads regarding the same Cam Plus Trial topic. Rather than reposting here, I have linked to my replies in those threads so you can click over there and review all the posts.

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Wyze is trying to promote their CAM+ product… which is a good accessory product… all things considered.

I recommend keeping some peripheral vision on the tactics of ALL companies. To me, this is a big nothingburger, or, in other words Yawn

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