Wyze SD Recordings - Random loud white noise during playback

My environment

  1. This has happened since the dawn of time with my Wyze cameras (I started with the original v2’s)
  2. Currently have v3 Pro’s, v3’s, Wyze Cam OG’s, Wyze Doorbell v1, and a single Wyze v2.
  3. All cameras are set for continuous local SD recording (using a mixture of Wyze, Sandisk, and Samsung MicroSD cards in various sizes). All formatted the way Wyze recommends.
  4. All cameras use to NOT be on Cam Plus, now they are. It happened before and after using Cam Plus.
  5. All camera firmware versions have had this happen (currently on the latest)
  6. Used three different Wi-Fi systems during the years, happened with all of them. (Currently on 3x Wyze Mesh Pro’s)
  7. All cameras have been factory reset at one time or another.
  8. Has happened on the following phones: Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Z Fold 5, Galaxy S23 Ultra
  9. All on various versions of Android (currently on the latest versions of the app).
  10. I can look up AI Events via the events tab or through the v3 Pro’s and OG device page just fine.
  11. I sync the time on all of my cameras about once a week.
  12. I have all my cameras reboot twice during the night to prevent a common Wyze bug from happening. Once at midnight and once at 5AM.
  13. Some cameras are plugged into the included wall outlet adapter with the included usb cable. Other cameras are plugged in using the outdoor adapter kit.
  14. Some cameras are on power conditioners, other cameras are on UPC battery backups (which condition the power), other cameras are just plugged into the wall outlet.
  15. This has happened with two different ISP’s
  16. This has happened on local wifi, mobile data, all with and without a VPN activated.
  17. This has happened on multiple DNS providers.

The problem and steps
Let’s say I want to look at a recording from my Wyze cameras. I open the app and select the camera I want to look at. On the camera page I hit SD Card and it brings up the timeline with the Wyze green bar indicating if there is a recording at that time.

Now at this point it goes one of two ways.
1. I click the video currently playing and activate the sound. The sound plays normally. I then proceed to start swiping to find the time I want, or I hit the date to select the date and then hit the time to go directly to the time I need. The audio from the initial click of the "turn sound on" button gets blasted and distorted while viewing the target time video. Target time video may or may not play its own audio. The original video's audio is now random white noise and it goes in and out randomly while viewing the target time video. Scrolling to a new timecode does not fix the issue.

2. I start swiping to find the time I want, or I hit the date to select the date and then hit the time to go directly to the time I need. Once the video loads, I tap on the button to turn sound on. At this point the audio plays normally, doesn't play at all, plays either too far ahead of the video or too far behind the video depending on the attempt, or it just blasts my ears out. If it does any of the first three and I go to a new time code there is a high chance of it blasting my ears out.

So now either way, my ears are being destroyed by the loudest white noise you have ever heard. Even on the lowest volume setting on my phone it is loud. To stop it I hit the back button multiple times until I am on the main Wyze app page. Sometimes I close the app through the recent apps screen and start the app again. I still need the video at the target time, so I try again. Sometimes it works fine the first time, sometimes it takes multiple attempts to listen to the target times audio (whether it’s synced with the video is another problem).

Does ANYONE else experience this problem in any way, shape, or form? Since the issue has followed multiple different cameras, on multiple different wifi systems, on multiple different SD cards, and on multiple phones there is no way this is just a “me” issue.

Final camera bug list, some not mentioned above

  1. Random loud white noise during playback of local SD recordings through the Wyze app. No fix found by me.

  2. Camera’s randomly going out at night (camera offline in app) and doesn’t recover until physically unplugged and plugged back in. Workaround is to set the cameras to reboot once at night, if the issue still happens then set them to reboot again at some point during the night.

  3. If you scroll too fast or too often while viewing events or local SD recordings the video freezes and doesn’t recover or it continues playing the first timecode video you selected, ignoring any changes in target time. You have to go back to the main Wyze screen or close the app before it works again.

  4. if an AI event is detected at the same time you are trying to… live view a camera, the video does not load… go into the camera settings page then it may or may not pull the actual settings and/or changes you made were not saved…

  5. Video previews on camera group pages works fine, clicking on a specific camera gets stuck at Step 1 of 3: Starting up a secure connection. This happens randomly with no common denominator.

  6. Just like everyone else the AI events work fine for long periods of time and then out of nowhere, with no changes on my end, it starts falsely detecting stuff as pets, people, vehicles, packages, or as a generic motion event (even though ONLY AI events are set to record and ONLY some AI events are to notify). I assume this is a regular maintenance thing to train the AI, kind of like flushing the cache so it can rebuild a better version. If that is the case, that’s fine but wow is it still annoying.

I just experienced the loud random white noise problem on a V3 Pro for the first time. Deafeningly loud.

Yeah it’s really bad. It happens constantly for me now.