Wyze V3 Camera Disconnects/Resets Frequently When Viewing SD Recordings Remotely

I am consistently experiencing random disconnects when remotely recording pre-recorded video playback stored on the camera’s SD card using the Wyze iOS app version. Note this problem occurs when accessing a camera running outside of one’s own home network.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:

Using the Wyze iOS app, access pre-recorded video stored on the SD card inserted into a V3 camera located outside of your home network.

Begin playback of video, then press the RECORD button on the app to start creating a local recorded copy of a segment of the video. Intended video length is always under 10 minutes.

Within 1-3 minutes, video playback freezes for approximately 10 seconds, then the app shows a message that it is attempting to reconnect to the camera. The video recording session also ends and is saved automatically by the app.

Once reset, the camera returns to the live streaming feed. Attempts to repeat the recording process often also fail, but not always. After two-to-four attempts, I am usually able to finally capture the video I want.

Issue Notes: This problem does not seem to occur when accessing a camera on your own home network. It only occurs when connecting to a camera located remotely (in this case in another city). It also does not occur as often when just playing back stored video. Making a recording of the pre-recorded video stored on the camera’s SD card using the Wyze app is key.

Theory: There is a software bug in the iOS app that does not elegantly handle video playback error correction, network latency, or bitrate stepdowns while recording streaming video coming from outside one’s own home network, forcing a connection reset.

The problem seems to have worsened since the latest firmware upgrade,

Sorry for the trouble. What is the firmware version of your v3?

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It sounds like Interference at remote site,and or poor band with