Wyze Scale - won't get past "Weight Only"?

The scale refuses to let me select “off” for “Weight Only”.
Says it’s because of my parameters (birthdate, height) ?
Why can’t I get the other features?

If your height and age in particular are out of range or missing the scale can’t compute the other information. If those are entered correctly and you still have an issue then you will need to call support.

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If what @rbruceporter recommends does not help you might also try wetting the bottom of your feet a bit as dry skin will also affect it.

I submitted a ticket from the app.

Wet feet won’t help, the problem is in the SETTINGS page.

Yep I misread what the issue was, just want to make sure you are not running the beta app, submitting tickets in the beta app goes straight to the devs and you usually will not get a response. If you did it in the regular app hopefully you will hear something soon

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Wetting my feet helped for me

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FYI here is the error message on iPhone 6S Plus (same on iPadPro)
< Dropbox - File Deleted >

I’m having the same problem… and I looked at the image n6ac supplied. It appears that we are the same age… perhaps that is what is causing the problem… but I don’t know why age would block the heart rate output… I called the number for tech support but they were not aware of the problem and could not supply a reason for the locked areas on the app…

Neither of you have a pacemaker do you?

No pacemaker …

no pacemaker. tried setting different years, and different height. nothing seems to make it accept no on weight only. no response from trouble ticket, and gave up after 4+ minute hold on special phone number.

Very odd. I would delete the scale and re-add it again. Obviously it thinks something is wrong or out of acceptable bounds for it.

I recall reading somewhere if you answer yes to one particular question it would disable the other calculations. I thought that was a question about pacemakers but I am not sure.

We finally solved the mysterious settings problem, after a long-awaited support response.
Unstated in the app control panel for the device is the fact that the user’s age must be between 18 and 80.
This is true NOT ONLY for the main user, but also for any added shared user, even though they may not be connected at the time.
So after fudging the ages of self AND wife for the app, the scale indeed delivers a host of measurements.
Now, to find out what they all mean …
P.S., would be nice if one could calibrate to a trusted scale - we do trust our balance-beam scale, and the Wyzen reads about +1 pound.