Wyze Scale recently wants Location allowed in order to weigh myself

The Wyze app updated 5 days ago in Google Play Store (I’m now on version The next day, I open the app, touch Scale, and I get a pop up that says “Turn on your Bluetooth access to complete the device setup.” I have the “No thanks” or “Go to Settings” options. If I hit no thanks, the pop up goes away & I’m back at clicking on the Scale to only get the same pop up. If I hit go to settings, it bring me to the Wyze app settings, where clearly I have the “Nearby devices permission” allowed (that is the only permission allowed) & YES, I have Bluetooth ON on my phone. In doing some of my own testing, I figured out that the app now wants LOCATION allowed…in order to weigh myself!! Location! WHY?! I’ve been using the scale for two years & as of 5 days ago, NOW it wants access to my location. I will not give an app access to my location to weigh myself. Talk about overly permissive! I wrote support, they sent me a new scale, I can’t even ADD this device without first allowing location (eye roll). Anybody else experiencing this issue??

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I am sorry you are experiencing this, this is an issue that was introduced recently when Google did an update to their permissions. This affected almost all of our Bluetooth devices and the only way to currently have them work is to enable the ‘Nearby Devices’ and ‘Location’


Hmm, this sounds somewhat similar but says it’s been that way since Android 6 and will be fixed in Android 12…

(I was trying to find info on the permission change you mention.)


That’s very odd! Just checked & I’m on Android version 12 but mine seems to be doing the opposite of what the article says - it’s only recently asking me for location permission but never used to when I was only using Bluetooth functionality. The only time I turn on location is when I’m using Maps to navigate somewhere else it’s turned off.

Hmm, perhaps it will just take a new iteration of the Wyze app that respects the new Android 12 mechanism?

Thanks for the info, Jason!

Could be! I updated my Android version to 12 on 6/1/22 & I updated the app five days ago. The app did not ask for location permission until five days ago. It might take an update to the app in order to work this out.

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