Wyze scale onboard memory!

Why would you not put onboard memory?!?!?!

I want to step on my scale and see my weight. Then when my phone is nearby or in the app as it currently has to be it pulls all the previous weigh in data. This way when I don’t have my phone in the bathroom I can still record my weight. All other digital scales do this. Where was the research?

You should not have to have the phone with you, I weigh in every day without my phone and have later connected and it will pull in multiple days of weigh ins.


You will see your weight displayed when you step on the scale. When you open the wyze scale in your phone later it will sync all of your previous data via Bluetooth like @Jason21271 said.

Edit: I think it only records one per day though. Nevermind as @CBRRider808 pointed out there are multiple weights logged in one day. I was only looking at the graph. I guess it only shows the latest weight of that day on the graph which makes sense.

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@jseward311 It does have onboard memory. You can step on it for weeks without having your phone nearby. When you want to later, you can open up the scale in the app, it will connect and download all the data as long as you are within Bluetooth range.

I step on my scale every morning and then connect to it with my phone later. Usually I’m downstairs in the living room on the first floor while my scale is upstairs in my master bathroom.

It will record all the times you step on it. I have stepped on my scale multiple times in a day without my phone and it downloads all the data when I connect later.

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Hello @jseward311, Wyze Scale does have onboard memory so you don’t have Wyze app with you when you step on the scale. It can save around 100 datasets on the scale. The datasets will sync next time your Wyze app is synced with the Wyze Scale.

If your scale is not currently doing this, your “Only measure with app open” setting might be turned on. This setting will automatically turn on if there are multiple users with similar weight.


Thanks for the replies!

Can you look back at prior days and weights in the app? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.