How do you use the wyze scale

So, I totally reset my @#$% Wyze scale. It worked while I was using next to Galaxy note 10 with the Wyze app open.
Does this mean that in order to get ALL readings one always has to use the scale with the app open?
And, why don’t the readings display on the scale itself?

From what I’ve seen, the scale doesn’t save more than the last reading. So I just have to open my scale in the app once between measurements to save the reading.

The scale itself should be showing your weight as you step on it. It’s the scale display not working?

Yes, weight displays on scale. My basic question is Does/should %bodyfat etc be logged automatically to app without me having to open app while on scale.

Not that I know of. I believe you need to open the app to save it. But I’ve never actually done a lot of testing around that.

I had a really old scale that did weight and %BFat. It worked for years on one 9v battery. I tossed it because is was looking so ratty. Wish I had it back.
I will look for a different scale. Not interested in saving my wgt or %BF. I have this brain that figures all that stuff out and even remembers it. Cloud of sarcasm just went over.