Wyze scale latest reading wrong and hasn't changed in weeks

My scale seems to be working fine, gives a reading, and shows the bodyfat%. But the app keeps popping up the window to select my username (I only have 1 loaded). The Large reading in the top window of the app (the last recorded reading and goal progress) is wrong and hasn’t changed in weeks. The weight is 40lbs more than what the scale shows (and the reading has been the same over the last number of weeks). The next window down is blank (shows all the health metric readings). But here’s the catch, the weight reading in the trend window is right and has been recording my weight correctly, along with all of the other trend charts. I’ve reset the scale and my phone, the app is up to date… what gives? Seems like a bug in the app to me. How do I get the app to record the weight it shows on the scale in the latest reading part of the app?

The Wyze scale app stopped working last year and has not been fixed yet.
Really frustrating to loose all of my data for the past two years.

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Yeah, this is really disappointing. I want to love wyze products but so many are riddled with quality issues, bugs and customorer support is the worst.