Wyze Scale - Hopes Shattered

Hi guys,

We’ve had our Early Access Wyze Scale for a little over a month and it has been fabulous - Rock solid, no issues, and then it shattered, literally. :frowning:

My wife said she slid it gently against our bathroom wall with her toe, and when it knudged the wall it shattered (see below). We also have a Withings scale that we use in the same way and have never had an issue with it nudging the wall. Should it shatter like this?

Could it have been a defect or short-coming with the early access device?

Appreciate your feedback Wyze. We loved the scale — until it all shattered.

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Odd, was there any sign of the scale being stressed or torqued? I am wondering if there was something odd about how the glass top was joined to the main body of the scale?

I smell bumpers coming…

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I would definitely contact support about your experience. While Wyze may see your post this is not an official Wyze support channel. Either call them or open a support ticket.



The last time I opened a support ticket, I just gave them a link to my post on this forum as the problem description. :grinning: Saved time and they could quickly see who else was having the issue. It worked - I received a quick reply by email! :+1:


Holy cow! Super sorry about that and thanks for letting us know. Yes, please reach out to customer support so we can send you a replacement. I’ll also share this link with the team.

Wyze Customer Support


Yeah - we didn’t notice anything abnormal whatsoever. It looked great and functioned flawlessly… right up until it shattered.

Sounds good… will reach out to customer support.


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Will do, thank you!

I gather your wife avoided injury? Or being cut? Hopefully you get a replacement soon! For what it’s worth ours has taken the proverbial licken and has had no ill effects. Here’s hoping yours was just a fluke.

Yep, it didn’t cut her thankfully, and I carefully ran the vacuum a couple of times to ensure all the tiny shards of glass were picked up.

I’m sure it was a fluke… it was an early release rev, so perhaps they didn’t have everything finalized with the product. Hopefully the actual production runs are fine…

I’m guessing they’ll send me a new one… I submitted a support ticket. Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks! Derek


I haven’t bought the scale yet but is the glass the furthest point that sticks out of the scale?

Good question - I believe so or at least flush, but now that it’s in the trash, I’m not entirely sure!

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Yes, the glass sticks out about 1/8" all around.

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Gee, that seems a completely wrong response to being tapped against a wall. If I dropped something hard (like a coffee cup) on it from counter height, would the top of the scale explode like that too? A crack, I might allow. An explosion of razor sharp glass shards!? No, no no. Yesh… kids are likely to be near such a scale. Not to mention my own naked feet.

Actually no, this thing shattered the way one would WANT it to, almost like safety glass. Zoom in and see the small crack patterns. It’s when glass splits into big menacing spikes that it’s really dangerous. As terrible as this looks, you could probably walk on it barefoot.


I think this could be a thermal issue. I wonder if it got heated under the sun and AC cooling it too rapidly causing it shatter like that. I think an improvement on QC is required.

Hmm, our bathroom does get a little warm, but I can’t imagine the temperature difference near the floor is all that great.

Don’t get cold feet.

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Right! :joy: