Original Wyze Scale Smudge Spots on Glass

I’ve had this scale since it was first released and really liked it, except I do wish we could change the info is shows on the display instead of having to use the app to access it. Anyway, I usually clean the glass surface every day or two and keep a wash cloth over it, so it doesn’t get dusty. Recently I noticed 3 smudge spots in 3 of the 4 squared off areas. I thought no bid deal I’d just wipe them off, but they didn’t come off. So I tried soapy water, still didn’t come off. Then I tried window cleaner, still didn’t come off. Even tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and they didn’t come off. Now I’m wondering if it’s something under the glass. Obviously this scale is way outside the warranty, but I’ve never had an issue like this from any other scale, figures it would be a Wyze product that it would happen with. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what did you find out and if you were able to remove them, what did you use?

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So I guess this can’t be removed. I’ve never seen anything like this on glass before. Figures it would only happen on a Wyze product.