Wyze Rules Not working

Anyone else seeing devices offline and rules not working?
My interior plug stopped working.
The AWS dashboard shows online.
Hopefully just a temporary glitch.
I will definitely NOT reboot my router or logout of the app!

On the plug, are you seeing any blinking lights?

I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and the blue light came back on.
We did NOT have a power outage or surge during this time.
My rules to turn on lights based on motion went out at the same time.
I can still see most cameras too.
Robotic Vacuum is offline.

I turned my V2 camera off/on that had the Module in it that controlled the motion sensors, and now it won’t connect.

@wyzejasonj can you look to see if the rules server is backed up?

Downdectector.com shows a couple of problems starting at 7:00?

Everything’s down for me.


It appears that AWS may have an outage going on, even though you see up, it may have just started. Wyze is aware of it.

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Wyze is working on the issue, seems AWS is having issues

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Thanks Spamoni! I appreciate the quick response.
I hate being a pain, but you get dependent on these devices.
The North American AWS Servers are still showing green, but it may only update hourly.

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I agree, I am reliant on them as well. Interestingly, some of my V4s are showing off-line but you can still stream them and I still get Alexa Notifications. :man_shrugging:

Wyze just posted the outage here:

Yes. It’s a week later and I still can’t ARM my system via the app for Home or Away. The app just won’t do it. The blue circle just keeps spinning and there is no countdown. Is anyone else still having this issue?