Wyze RTSP V3 Firmware Not Compatible with Lamp Socket

Wyze Cam v3 RTSP firmware is not compatible with the Lamp Socket. I wanted to start saving my video to a NAS, which requires RTSP firmware to be installed on the camera and as soon as I did, I lost the lamp socket connection. I reset, reinstalled, and all the other troubleshooting steps and no go. I just reinstalled the firmware, and instantly got the lamp socket back. Too bad, Maybe on a later RTSP firmware update

Sorry, dumb question since I have no lamp sockets. How is there any relationship between a camera and a lamp socket?

The lamp socket shows under the accessorie section of the camera settings. When you go into that setting with the RTSP firmware, the lamp socket isn’t there and can’t be installed

OK, I had to go to the Wyze store and look up the lamp socket before that made any sense…

I had assumed that the lamp socket was same concept as my outdoor plugs except in a different form factor. Therefore, there would not have been any relationship between the socket and a camera. I see that was an incorrect assumption.

That’s what I thought too when I got it, luckily it still works for what I wanted. I figured it would be its own device, but it wont’ work unless it’s connected to a V3 or similar camera. I guess it doesn’t have the hardware to connect to a network.

Just tagging on to this that I also ordered 3 of these hoping to use with my Wyze cams running RTSP firmware. Looks like I can power the cameras but not control the connected lights.

I bought one too as a solution… Bought a whole new porch light to install too once i saw it would control the light. But can’t get it to work with RTSP enabled… Anyone find a work around?

Non-RTSP firmware. The version used for RTSP is too old and doesn’t have support for some current features. A tradeoff for using RTSP.

I wouldn’t call it a trade-off since the lamp becomes effectively useless. It’s a glaring flaw.

No, a trade-off and not a flaw. If you want RTSP you’re making the decision to forgo future enhancements that aren’t in the RTSP firmware. Wyze makes this very clear. If you want the socket, you need to use the production current firmware.

Now if you want to argue that RTSP should be baked into the standard firmware, you get no disagreement from me.

Just got hit by the same issue as well. Too bad the lamp socket won’t work with the current rtsp FW (well, it’s aged). I don’t know the design decision of making the socket a device accessory, instead of making it a stand-alone device. To me, it’s a poor decision. My experience with my dead Wyze smart home v1 bridge tells me that building accessories upon the camera is a bad idea :slight_smile: