Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better!

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How To Become A Beta Tester

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When will it release? Please please.

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@WyzeHongfei @WyzeGwendolyn Have beta app and vac set up as beta and still not getting firmware past 113 for multi-floor support. When is this rolling out to either everyone on beta or to stable?

Our engineering team is still working on one last bug fix before we can release the new firmware to everyone in the beta. I think we are pretty close to the date, probably in the next few weeks.


@WyzeHongfei Any update on the multi-floor support? This is really killing not having it.

After months of waiting I just returned mine to Walmart and order a Roborock S4 Max… it has the multi floor. I have three floors! Can’t go without.

Mine also going back this week. I bought this over S4 max because of multiple floor function. I also use beta app but seems they can’t figure it out the problems having with multiple floor function. I this S4 max worth few more bucks. No need to reset map every time do the vacuum.

I considered trying the S4 Max for multi-floor, bigger dust bin, and dust bin full indicator, but look at the reviews of the Roborock app, they are abysmal. Good luck switching to the S4 Max. At least the WRV, albeit missing some features, is very reliable in my experience. I’m currently running stable firmware because they haven’t released multi-floor to all in beta yet. Hoping this is released soon.

I had a Roborock S4 (non-max) before Wyze announced the robot vacuum and I can confirm that the Roborock app was super hard to navigate. Even trying to schedule the robot to run at a specific time on certain days took lots of digging to find. Granted this was like 18 months ago, so it’s possible it’s different now, but that was my experience. The Wyze app was 100x easier to use.

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If the Wyze can only clean 1/2 or 1/3 of your home what good is it? I’d rather have a bad app…

Oh, personally I’d rather just reset my map and let it start from scratch when I need to move it to a new floor. It’s only a couple button presses, and at least it’s easy to do in the app.

If there were no plans to include multi-floor mapping, I would be considering a different vac. But since it’s on the horizon, I’m good waiting for it and knowing I’ll have a good app to use in the meantime.

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I have no-go zones so resetting those every time would be a pain.

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Makes sense, that would be more effort than it’s worth for sure. Hopefully they release the feature sooner rather than later :sweat_smile:

Yep. I am also waiting on the spot clean feature. That would be handy.

I just got the beta 1.6.173 that enables multi-floor and spot cleaning! Will be trying that out right away.

I got a notification that it was available, but when I downloaded it, there was no multi-floor or spot cleaning options that I could see. Am I messing something up?

I had both an update to the Wyzebeta app before the firmware update showed up, installed it, after the WRV restarted, then I force closed and reopened the Wyzebeta app and it was there.

On mine, on the screen with the map there is an icon that looks like multiple floors in the upper right below the gear icon.

I don’t see spot cleaning yet…but haven’t hunted through everything.

I didn’t realize I had to move the charging station too… :slightly_frowning_face:

I still didn’t get the invite. I do have the beta app. I am late to the party. :slight_smile: