Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better!

So it appears you have to move the charger just to map the new floor. After you map you are supposed to be able to edit the floor and remove the charger from certain floors. BUT I do not see this option currently when I go to edit the floors like their video in the initial post shows. Spot cleaning button shows for me above the edit pencil. Their video asks where it should go when done cleaning with no charger, I would say it should go back to roughly where it started from or if that’s too difficult just stop where it finished. I don’t really have a preference I just want the option to not have the charger on every floor considering you can’t buy anymore currently.

Did you enable beta for your WRV?

That worked! It’s in the app settings not the vacuum settings…

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Glad you found it sorry I wasn’t more specific where to enable it. For others once you get the Wyzebeta app it’s under account, about, beta program, then add the devices you want to be included in the beta.

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I’d much rather it went back near where it started. Otherwise it might become an Easter egg hunt every time it runs if you’ve got furniture that it clean underneath :joy:

Also, thanks for the tip on enabling the beta program for the WRV - I was wondering why I wasn’t able to update the firmware! Excited to try it out today!


I do not see the remove charger option like in the video. How do I do this?

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Wondering who is using the regular app or the Beta app? I am using the Beta App but when I shared the vacuum with my wife she is able to access all the new features on the Non Beta App.

I tried the beta and official app and the option to remove charger from map is not on either. Spot cleaning shows up only on beta for me.

I imagine the app changes flighted (were included, but normally disabled) in-advance of the firmware changes, since they’re less likely to have the bugs they’ve been trying to fix, so if the robot has the beta firmware, the standard app likely detects the version and enables the UI elements.

Another thing that happened is when I removed the dustbin it said “Dust and Water Bin has been removed” Woah!! A new model on the way??

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Is there any update on the release of firmware 1.6.173? I have app v2.24.52 but my firmware is still at 1.6.113 as I am not a beta tester.

“Multi-floor Mapping is coming soon!” is why I purchased a WYZE Robot Vacuum. That was July 1, and now it’s mid-October and hardly anything is being said about the feature.


Is this feature dead, in beta forever, or are new products more fun than delivering on important features?

It’s pretty disappointing. I’m a beta user for cameras, but the beta users talk about bricking their vaccuums, so I’m hoping “coming soon” wasn’t BS and it will actually be released.

Any updates?


I do not see the remove charging station in the edit map feature either. Log Id 342805

Hi, blaze , the mop feature will beta test first in the end of this month, the test software and accessories are going to be ready. If you want to be the first batch testers please contact @WyzeHongfei , he is recruiting volunteers.


I am interested in beta testing mop software and hardware. Thanks.

@WyzeHongfei I am interested in beta testing the mop feature as well

Can I get in on the mop beta test too?

Just think, rubber leaching tires ruin hardwood floors… What do you think standing water on hardwood flooring would do… Just sayin

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@WyzeHongfei I would be interested in beta testing the mop feature when it’s available.

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in the mopping feature beta testing. We will select testers from the respondents due to the limited quantity of samples.