Wyze Robot Vacuum Stuck in Standbye Mode

Recently at night I hear my vacuum tell me “Going into Standbye Mode.” Didn’t think anything of it til this morning when I went to set it to vacuum the living room. Can’t get any response from the vacuum. No lights will turn on and the app just states it’s in standby. I have tried letting it charge for 5 hours and still no response. Tried holding down the power button and still no lights or anything. Looking for anyhelp

Just a quick guess – it’s possible the battery dropped to an unsustainable level. Maybe due to the charger being unplugged, or the vacuum losing contact with the charger.

Pull the vacuum away from the charger, then push them back together. The lights should come on as soon as they are able (depends on how far it is discharged), and it should say “powering on” about 10 seconds after that.

My vacuum started doing this also recently and eventually shuts itself down. Per support I checked and have the latest app version, the firmware is up to date, I did a factory reset and remapped it and it’s ok for a few days then goes back into standby and the battery level goes down. The contacts for the battery to charge on the vacuum and charger are clean and make good contact.

I’ve had this happen a few times as well.

What I noticed is, on my floor, near the wall, there is a round part to the crown molding. After it turns on the vacuum backs up a little bit and then a little more, until the charger has lifted off the ground and it loses contact and stops charging, then drains to zero and turns off. :frowning: