Wyze Robot Vacuum on Clearance at Wal-mart

While perusing the local Wal-Mart, I noticed they had an endcap with the Wyze Robot Vacuum marked down to $149 USD. Link below.

Wal-Mart - Wyze Robot Vacuum

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I picked one of those up when they went on sale at that price after Thanksgiving. The price actually got down to $139 at one point.

Just make sure that it is one of the new units with the updated Multi Floor mapping capability. Some customers have experienced uninformed Walmart employees shipping the old unit with the old firmware that is a different SKU.

What is the new SKU? How do I know if it is one of the new units?

Make sure to check the box for the Multi Floor Mapping.

Thank you both, I was able to pick up one last night, and luckily I did get the latest model. This vacuum works way better than my current no-name vacuum.


Did the first ones not do multiple floors?

I think that feature has been in development for the original Vacuums for some time by way of a firmware update. But, that update to the old firmware created some serious issues in Beta that need to be addressed before it can be released. I don’t have an old version Vacuum, so I haven’t been tracking that progress and can’t give you any firm details on what the old firmware could or couldn’t do.

I do know that the issue is not with the new firmware operation as the new updated firmware is factory installed on these new WalMart vacuums. The issue is with the risk of the update bricking the old unit by way of the update process.

Here is a post from Wyze in the thread discussing that firmware update to the original Vacuums:

I purchased one and wasted 3 hours trying to set it up. The hardest thing i have ever messed with as far as set up, and it still never connected to net work so it is back in the box to be returned and i will not by this product again. Tech support was worthless and got disconnected from them thru the app

It took me a couple tries as well at startup because of the way it uses its own WiFi as an AP during install. It isn’t that strong so my phone had to be really close. I have some import plugs that do the same thing when installing so I was familiar with that method. It took some time, but it did install.

Well 3 hours was more than enough for me. I even set the phone on the vac and at one point had everything within a foot of modem. I have another vac of a different type and it took less than 3 minutes to set up and start running. So i hope this is something this company works on

I got one of the $149 deals. They did not have it in stock when I ordered it and had it sent to my home. The one thing I noticed is that the model number when ordering has a “W” on the end of the model number and even WYZE could not tell me if there was a difference or not. The model number on the unit does not have the “W” but have also noticed everyone with the W is in the green box and most are in a regular cardboard colored box.

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That’s crazy! I want one so bad but cant afford that and the kids Jujitsu classes even at that price!