Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better!

That would be because they never actually finished that feature. Go figure.

The Walmart unit should be showing up with firmware 1.6.306. I bought one rather than wait until the original vacuum was updated (if ever) and retired the older unit to my another building. The app should be showing icons for levels and spot cleaning to the right of the screen while the older unit has none. IMO Wyze screwed up by not just calling the original vac a v1 and then introduce a v2 with multi-floor cleaning. They do this with other products so folks know what to expect out of their 1st gen versions.

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Good to know. Thanks. Will keep hoping for update and get off version …113 that hasn’t changed since purchase a year ago.

Ray Fasano

Units with the …113 firmware were still shipping from Walmart in December 2022. Hope we get the update soon!

Just fyi, my Walmart unit was purchased online the morning of 12/14/2022 and delivered later that same day. Maybe depends on who’s shipping it, although you’d think it wouldn’t matter. My order info said “delivery from store” which sounds like it was local.

I am leaning toward a supply chain snafu. Can’t really pin it all on Walmart because there is evidence of a Wyze printed box sleeve with the new promotional material being placed over the boxes of old units. Perhaps something developed to match the new firmware release… Which didn’t happen because of brickage. The FW got delayed but the packaging update didn’t???

But, there are new units out there at Walmart. It is really an in person eyes on box ID required. Might be like finding Willie Wonka’s Golden Ticket at this point. If you find one, grab it and return the old one to Walmart.

Others who got the new firmware vacuum from Walmart can post in and confirm, but the one I got from Walmart in stock curb pickup was in a teal suitcase box with a handle… No box sleeve. Everything was printed on the box. It was not in a brown cardboard box with a white box sleeve like others have reported getting with the old firmware.

I posted details and pics here:

Any reason to think the updated firmware won’t be pushed out to older units? Unless there was a corresponding hardware change?

I can’t be 100% sure either way. I know it is a Wyze goal to get all the units up to speed, however it sounds like it is complicated from what I was reading above due to some pretty severe conflicts between the hardware and new firmware.

I didn’t get a Wyze Vac until the new FW came out as I didn’t want to deal with a possible difficult update. But Wyze also does not want to brick a bunch of vacs. Kudos to them for holding back on the update until a support plan is in place. There isn’t a microSD card slot to manually flash the bot, so updates are all in.

Read above for more Hx.

Any news on the multi floor front? Still running 1.6.113

Thinking about bailing on Wyze and getting another vac that can handle multi floor.

18 months in beta. What a joke. After the camera changes and this I won’t be buying another Wyze product.

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@davecrosby do you even give a shi% ??


My preorder og vacuum just got updated from 1.6.113 to .199 and right after to .202 with spot cleaning and mutlifloor!


Tada! Like others here I have been patiently waiting for the update. Upon receiving email notification of a new entry on this forum, opened the app, and update went the same as above. Still have yet to test it out, but congrats to Wyze.


Had Vacuum for a month. What does multi-floor do, and how do i use it?

Right now i am using the vacuum downstairs on tile and it works great.

I’d love to bring it upstairs and tell it to vacuum my living room of hard wood as well - would have to carry it of course.

Guessing multi-floor allows you to do this without it having to rediscover or re-map every time, but how would the vacuum know if you put it in a different location each time you brought i up and down the stairs?

The vacuum stores the floor maps in layers. Each floor is a different map. When you start the vacuum, you would tell it which floor map to execute cleaning.


does one create the second floor first, or will the app ask each time you hit the start button where it is located? Thanks.

You can do whatever floor you want first. You take the robot & Dock to the new floor, tap the map layers button, click Add Map, and start quick mapping. The Vac does the rest. You can even do multiple maps of the same floor with rooms off limits or closed so you don’t have to worry about closing doors every time if you don’t want those rooms done.

Oh – you have to take the dock with it? You can’t just drop it in the middle of the room and push the start button?

I believe you only have to take the dock for initial mapping, and after that it should not need it. But I’m not sure what it will do after it’s done, it may just wander around looking for the dock

You only need dock to map into ally. After that you can drop in room and hit start. It will then be lost when trying to find dock and stop
Where it should be.

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