Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better!

I don’t know the timeline, it could happen at any time now. I don’t know how long they’ve been working on it or what needs to be in place, so it could actually be sooner rather than later.

I would say the short version is:

They’ve told us they’re looking to push a firmware update to get everyone back on the same track, but their tests indicated there could be some complications for a few users. As soon as they feel best prepared to manage those outliers they will move forward with the update.

It could happen any time…for a year! This is unacceptable and people are tired of excuses. They screwed us on cameras already. No more Wyze.

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Im with @Michael00 on this. It feels a lot like google integration. Wyze unfortunately has a history of abandoned plans. They’ve TOLD us a lot of things. But I appreciate the optimism


My feedback is

  1. Be sure to ask to verify what floor is being cleaned before starting pop up.
  2. Will schedule assume 1st floor
    3 Do not allow schedule to start unless docked.

@WyzeHongfei @WyzeJasonJ how can I get this features? I would like to use this beta feature. Looks interesting…

Currently there are a few different branches of beta firmware that need to be merged, for one of the beta branches this is a risky update that could result in a portion of them to become unresponsive, for this reason we want to make sure we have systems in place to take care of anyone impacted with a minimum of trouble on the customers part. Once we have that all in place we will move forward and everyone will finally have access to these features.


@WyzeJasonJ any updates on merging these firmwares?

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Sorry. I’ve heard nothing about it.

It’s all I want for Christmas

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They are getting closer but I do not have an ETA yet.

Despite signing up to be a Beta Tester specifically to enable multifloor vacuum capabilities… still waiting.
Over a year! Just received new update today but only see a Walmart version with Multifloor capabilities. Purchased mine directly from Wyze. Was hoping those would of had priority over Walmart. Any ETA yet?

Also waiting, so I checked out Walmart. I didn’t see anything about multi-floor capabilities … only multi-surface. Can you find the spec and quote it? I might buy, at half price, if true.

Reading these post is a lot like opening a book with 100 chapters that are everyone the same sad the company should do something

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Honestly, just get a different brand at this point. Wyze is too busy making gun safes and floor lamps

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So True. Wyze is all over the place. Its not worth buying any wyze product now. This was my last wyze product and I do not recommend Wyze to anyone now.

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up the bear, but once he’s awake, look out…

I think it would be extremely good business for Wyze to pay attention to what the customers are talking about

Good luck on that. Company has changed. They look for easy money no inovation. They are going down.
I also has wyze 3 cam they are pushing so hard for subscription. Its so annoying. I’m looking to switch from wyze to something els.

That’s the thing, using the wayback machine you can see just how many products this company came out with since the partially functioning vac, and even how many of those things were released while they were complaining about funds and staffing. They have even increased the price of the vac while making no marked improvements to the product. They don’t care about this thread because most of the people here have already given them their money, and it’s not like many people go to their forums before purchase. It’s not like people are even going to see bad reviews on other sites because there aren’t many places other than their own site you can purchase this specific product. I tried leaving a less than stellar moderate review of the vac on their site last year, and they wouldn’t post it. They have absolutely no reason to improve the product until they are out priced by other companies, and that is just now starting to happen, but really only during sales.

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I think you hit the nail on the head

The thing is, the multi-floor is there (in beta) and seems to work. It is just a matter of moving it out of beta. I don’t know what the problem is. I have apps that get updates every three days. I have no idea what is going on here.