Robut Vacuum - Multi Floor for everyone

The Robot Vacuum should have the “multiple floors” feature enabled for all users and all operating systems (OS). I purchased this vacuum partly because it said it had this feature, and my brother has the same vacuum but is on Android and/or is a Beta tester of the feature so his app has the multiple floors enabled. I have a 4 story house and just bring the vacuum and base to each floor and it struggles around and runs into things and has to do the mapping each time, wasting time and battery time and as a result it has to go charge itself before finishing. Sometimes it has trouble finding the charger and I have to go rescue it.

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Multi Floor mapping IS something Wyze is working on.

Right now, the challenge is getting the firmware update into your unit without bricking it. Nobody wants that.

The firmware has already been proven successful. It is installed on new units sold thru WalMart (although Walmart has also been selling the old FW units).

There are details here:

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Look at your firmware stuff like mine here below:
Model: WRV200S
Firmware: 1.6.306
Plugin Ver: 2.36.1
Wyze App Ver: v2.38.0 (153)

I’ve shown you mine, show me yours! LOL
Mine works great!

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The firmware version you have ( 1.6.306) is only available on the newly produced units sold thru the Walmart Holiday Sale.

It is not available for update (yet) to any unit sold or produced prior to that production run.


what model# should I look for to get multi-floor mapping?

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Discussion on the forums indicates that Walmart is selling units with both the new and the old firmware. The units with the old firmware appear to come in a cardboard box that has a paper sleeve that slides over the box. While they may be marked as multi-floor mapping, reports are that they are the old firmware units without it. I have not yet seen pictures of that packaging

I believe both are the same model # WVCR2000S

I bought my WRV from Walmart with the updated multi-floor firmware installed. It comes in a greenish, suitcase style cardboard box with a handle. Here are pics that may help you identify it at Walmart. Note the UPC in all three pics as this may be the unique identifier between the old and new ones: