Wyze Robot Vacuum gets lost under couch

We’re otherwise pretty happy with our little vacuum but cannot figure out why it gets caught in an endless loop trying to clean under the couch. It fits fine, no obstructions… just round and round he goes, uses all the battery, rinse repeat…

And? I had the same issue with my (three) iRobots. I finally took three lengths of 2x4’s and tied them together with two screws on each end to form a U under the bed. I denied them entry. Solved the problem quickly.

Stop your robot from going under the couch, until you need it to clean.

You can use the no-go zones to prevent the vac from going under the couch until you want it to clean there, then just move to Zone off the map for that one cleaning. I do that with our bed -works great!
Virtual 2x4’s!

Does the couch have a curtain or something? My vacuum goes under the bed but doesn’t get lost.
My couch is too low for it to go under.

There was some loose fabric under the couch that drooped down. I put a piece of cardboard in the center to prop it up so we’ll see. It did fit but the fabric came down over the lidar so maybe?