Hi Wyze Comm - Robotic Vacuum Gets Stuck under Cabinets

Hi Wyze Community,

I have the robotic vacuum, and it constantly gets stuck under cabinets because there’s not enough clearance level for the top part of the vacuum. It wants to keep vacuuming because it senses the space is empty.

I raised my living room furniture, but any other suggestions?


@achao To prevent my vacuum from getting stuck, I added virtual walls over my furniture to stop this undesirable behavior. So far I haven’t had anymore problems with the vacuum needing to be rescued in these problematic areas in the house.


Ah okay, thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to try that out - still learning everything in the app!

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You’re welcome and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

The vacuum is getting stuck under the office chair which has wheels. I believe I should add the virtual walls to the chair legs/wheels too. Just for your information for you guys!


I cut up a cardboard box to the right size and fit it under the cabinet so that it won’t try to clean it, the box covers the floor so there’s nothing to clean anyway :slight_smile:

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I feel like Im shifting my work from “vacuuming” to “prepping for vacuum” … Gotta pick up all of the stuff in the floors first, rearrange the chairs and furniture so it can nicely glide through, block off sections with cardboard, move items that can be knocked over easily.

Does anybody else feel that way?

Sounds very familiar. I don’t dare to start the vacuum until I do complete inspection of the entire house. Loose cords, chairs, rugs, shoes, or basically anything that will get tangled up in the vacuum, I move it out of the way first.

Moving the small items, etc is expected. But why do you have to rearrange the chairs and furniture etc? Draw a virtual line to the chairs etc. Are you guys frequently moving the furniture or chairs?

Yeah, I felt that way too a year ago when I got my first vacbot, tidying up various cables, shoe laces on the floor, moving some stuff so it can get in and out and won’t get stuck… After a while though, not much left to prep and results are certainly worth it since I now mostly do manual vacuum only on stairs, behind doors, corners & edges that the vacbot can’t get to. I like it enough to get 2 more vacbots so that I don’t have to move them from floor to floor.

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Adding virtual walls work when mapping is complete. However when the vacuum is run the first time or after resetting map, it is not possible to add walls until the first run is complete. My vacuum gets stuck on the first run itself. I wish Wyze could just use the lidar scanning first time and let the users set up virtual walls.

If you reset the map, on the main page you should have the option for a ‘quick scan’, or something along those lines. It is above the clean button, within the text, so it’s not super obvious. I did that and it scanned my whole floor in about 12 minutes, without vacuuming. Then you can add the virtual walls and send it off to vacuum. It will mostly go into the middle of rooms and scan so it’s pretty good about not getting stuck anywhere.

Do you have that option? I can’t remember if that feature is only on the beta app, but I think others without it have been able to use this feature.

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The quick scan button is not there in the latest firmware version. I couldn’t find it in settings either!. I wonder why they didn’t implemented it in the first release. It saves tons of headaches!

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Are you on Android?


You can only see this option if you reset your map. When there is no map, there is some text about quick mapping. You click on that. There is no other place to find this option.
I am on Android.

I checked my app pretty thoroughly and didn’t see a quick scan, but it’s awesome to hear that Wyze added that option!

Here is snapshot of my Wyze app. I just reset the map. It tells to tap on “quick mapping” below to scan.

But there is no quick mapping button anywhere on the screen.

You have the option! Click on the green text, ‘Quick mapping’ (so it’s not an actual button). It should start mapping then!

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Thanks for the clarification. Rosie’s scanning now. Will keep an eye on her.