Wyze Vacuum Getting Stuck Under Table & Barrier Issues

I have a very low shelf on a very large coffee table. The Wyze Vacuum goes all the way under until the top scanning part jams into the top of the low shelf, It just keeps trying and won’t turn around and get itself unstuck. It should know that it is bumping, but it does not know because it is only stuck on the top round scanning part. Something probably needs to be changed to the logic that says if it can’t go forward, then it treats it as a wall.

I added a virtual barrier around it, but on my Pixel 5 with my hands, it was almost impossible to make an accurate rectangle. If I could zoom in even further then I could put up the right size barrier. I had to try 10x as my fingers are too large to make the square small enough to just fit around the table without clicking on the delete ‘x’.

This was before the latest update, but the zooming did not change and I doubt the head getting stuck changed as well.

Have similar issues with 2 couches and a dresser. Somehow YZ finds its way in, wanders around until it gets stuck, then cries for help. Rescuing it results in phantom rooms and more wandering until I put it back on charge. Likewise, with the wheels on a rug and nose down, it gets stuck in the kick space below the kitchen cabinets.

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