Wyze Robot Vacuum several issues so far

  1. I have been trying for the last week to get a good map of the house with no success.
  2. I have black rug that once the unit hits the rug it looses its mind. it starts spinning and lifting up and will eventually just give up and stop.
  3. **edit update to app fixed this. Added a virtual wall in the app and now you cant remove it. I wanted to have a space marked as a no go zone (christmas tree) now the tree is gone and need that area clean. I would have to have that area cleaned. i guess deleting the map that i have so far would be the answer to that.
  4. we have a pretty open floor plan so its marking kitchen, dinning room, living room, breakfast area all as one room. Need the ability to edit the rooms in the app to better define the space. It would also be nice to define the rooms as it shows on the demo. Right now labels are Room1 room2 etc…
  5. it really struggles with getting stuck under furniture. its lifting feature is activated and then the top part will get stuck under a bed or dresser.
  6. as of yet i have not been able to complete a full clean of the house.

disappointed in this product so far. I hope they can get this addressed with software updates quickly.

edit. i did email tech support 24 hours ago. no reply from them

To get around getting stuck under furniture, simply add a virtual wall to where on the floorplan the piece of furniture is.

I’ve had to do that with our sectional in the living room. It’s got just enough clearance to get in, but when it tries to go under and hits a cross member, it gets itself stuck. Added two virtual walls the exact size of the couch and no more problems.

That would be the idea. However as stated I can’t get a complete map around the room to mark the furniture

You can start adding virtual walls during the map scanning. Don’t have to wait for mapping to finish.

Did you ever find a solution to #2? I’m having the same issue, as soon as it hits the rug it goes all bonkers. Even on the rug, it’s going in crazy loops and stuff.

Nothing from support on it. Mine is on the first floor so I coved the sensors on the bottom with blue painter’s tape. That seems to help. Give it a shot. Maybe bright green would be better

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