Vacuum - Can the charging station be moved? And Virtual Walls

Can the charging station be moved without needing to do a map reset and a new room map.

Also I’ve tried to set up virtual walls - no luck. I go to my map - establilsh the wall and press OK it then goes away. Also I need to set up more then one area NOT to vacuum. HELP

Not sure why you’re having trouble setting up a virtual wall. Worked fine for me and I can verify you can set up more than one.


We need an option to select an area for spot cleaning.


Same problem with walls. I discovered that if I don’t try to reshape them they will stay. I can move them ok. As soon as I make them longer or narrower they flip in their anchor point and disappear about a minute after I finish and click ok. I now hace three unshaped walls where I really wan one long narrow one.

I have been able to set up walls around our living room sofas (so that the robot doesn’t get tangled in the extension cords) which required 2 walls altered to rectangular shapes. The walls have been working fine.

You can move the charger as long as it will be in the line of sight.

When setting vw be careful not to be too close to the wrv or the existing white line.

Virtual Walls are not always horizontal or vertical but should be able to be turned on an angle. We have some areas that are on an angle and I cannot set a Virtual Wall on an angle. Squares, Rectangles, yes, not only horizontal/vertical and not on an angle.


I’ve set up 3 times the virtual walls and they keep disappearing. They are supposed to stay once you put them in right

They are. What I discovered (android) is that if I try to reshape them they disappear about 30 seconds after I click the OK box. If I just move them and don’t resize/shape them they will stay. So I have a few overlapping walls to get what I need. Hopefully they will address this although many say they aren’t having this problem.

I’ve set-up 3 virtual walls of different sizes with no issues. - 5 days now and 5 programmed cleanings - all good.

My virtual walls do stay in place

Yes! Would love to be able to vacuum half my room & then move furniture over to the clean part & then vacuum the 2nd side.[quote=“dragonstuff1983, post:3, topic:154867, full:true”]
We need an option to select an area for spot cleaning.


I reset virtual walls and ran a few times and it worked. It also made the large room into 4 rooms.The last couple times it only did room 1 that’s like 25% of the room. Somehow it added more room to the room and got lost trying to go back to base. Not sure how do add pix on hereimage

Here’s the real room

How did you fix the map? I had a really good map of 80% of the house, but the vacuum ran out of charge and while returning to thecharger it bumped into a furniture leg and got turned around somehow. This added phantom space to the room and now it thinks the charger is on the backside if the wall (i.e. outside the house).

In the screenshot, the vacuumed area shows the correct map and the red is where the charger really is.

Am I going to need to reset the map and do it again?

Hopefully it’s a software update to correct problems. The vacuum seems like a great idea. I have 2 chairs that the vacuum would get stuck under a edge of it. So I needed to shrink the wall size and put at edge of chair. Then it added 4 rooms in one large room as you can see in a couple photos posted.

The latest beta release added a Quick Map option that skips cleaning and just lets the robot roam the house to build a map which you can then edit manually. It mapped my downstairs (about 2200sqft) in 17 mins. I could then divide the rooms up before sending it to work. The only caveat now is that only exterior walls can be used as points to split rooms.


I just downloaded the beta earlier, but i don’t see a quick map option or the ability to edit the map. How did you get to the Quick Map?

I’m on android, maybe it’s different on iPhone.


I moved charger but it is confused. It eventually finds it but doesn’t reset charger location on map…it seems I need to delete map and start over which seems to be this devices theme.

I’ve been able to set up virtual walls but for some reason only during cleaning.

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How do I download the beta app?

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