Robot Vacuum Can't Find Living Room

Hi All.

Got the vacuum in on Saturday, mapped out the house. Did a great job for the most part. I added some blocked zones and divided up the rooms with the not-so-user friendly room divider lines. I was reasonably happy with the divisions so whatever. I had it go clean the living room, it did it without an issue.

Today, I decided to clean the living room again. The robot couldn’t find it’s way to the living room. I tried it a few times, each time it insisted on going through a wall and then gave up, even though there are two routes to that room, through the kitchen or entry.

Well, this is annoying, but I figured, surely if I had it clean the kitchen and the living room, it would easily find the living room. So I lowered the suction to Quiet, so it would do it all on one charge and well, it cleaned the kitchen and when it went to go to the living room, it tried to go through the same wall location.

Kind of sad. :frowning:

Here is a speed up video:

Let’s try laying red walls where the physical walls are. Surely, it should not try to go through the virtual red walls.
Let’s try it right now!

I would try it, but all my Wyze devices are offline, including the vacuum. When it rains, it pours. :frowning:

LOL. I added a small red virtual wall to cover that wall, it just went to that wall and still tried to go through it, without passing through the virtual wall I took that whole section and made it a big fat virtual red wall, and it went to the nearest point on the red wall and tried to go through that, but wouldn’t pass the red wall so it went back to charging.

Guess Ill have to clear the map and start over. :frowning:

I have discovered that virtual walls prevent the vac from finding the room I want it to go to if they are in the most direct path to the room. While the virtual walls work well when in a room, they can block the route to get to the room. My vac would get totally lost, then stop and say “cleaning complete” if there was a virtual wall along its route to the chosen room. It wouldn’t even try to get to the room; it would give up long before it reached the virtual wall.

I think the vac plans its route based entirely on the mapped space, ignoring virtual walls.