Vacuum cannot find kitchen

My vacuum cannot find the kitchen that is one room away and has a clear path. It bounces around the edges and then gives up. What can I do to improve path selection?

A couple of thoughts, not know how long you’ve had the WRV.

Do you see your kitchen entrance on the LiDAR mapping?

When is the last time you mapped? I used to be in the habit of remapping with each app version or firmware update but have not recently

Is there a dark floor or rug in transition from the other space to the kitchen?

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I have not remapped recently - probably multiple updates. If I “direct” the robot with my foot, it will continue the routine.

Is there a way to do a partial remap? I have quite bit of time invested in adjusting my maps.

There isn’t. Just the quick map function but I hear you. It takes time to split rooms create no go zones etc…

I know if there is something dark on the floor it may think it is an edge and turn away, a fall sensor if you will.

Is that area low light, dark rug, or something to that affect?

If you can give it the old heave ho and it goes in there something is turning it away when on its own.

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