Vacuum won't go under couch even though it fits

My robot vacuum won’t go under one of my couches, even there there is plenty of room. I have an identical couch in another room and it goes under that one just fine. The only difference is the one it will go under is in the middle of the room, and the one it won’t go under is against a wall. Is it too dark under there? It goes just under the front edge, that’s it. I even tried remapping. Any suggestions?

LED light strip? White rug? Sorry, I got nothin’.

If it is the lighting, I could put a stick on battery light under there, I just don’t know if that is the reason.

Worth a try. I’d start with a piece of white paper.

it’s spooky in there.

You could try, pull out the couch a little, remap and move the couch back. Then your map would be a little off.

I may try that. Or a small battery operated light under there once.