Insane suicidal robot vac

I have 2 of these things on 1 floor (large house and I like to be clean). They’re both based under a couch. Is having 2 in 1 area bad? They’re both scheduled to vac different areas of the house.

1 is fine, always comes back. The other, always dies in the middle of a random room (sometimes a room it isn’t scheduled to vacuum in the first place and really shouldn’t even be in). I can tell it to go vacuum 1 specific room, it’ll do that, but then it’ll go vac other rooms (which I did not tell it to do), so maybe that’s why it keeps dying? I can also tell it to go back to charge and it will then wander randomly re-mapping the house, then stopping somewhere randomly.

You should be able to run them both without issue. However, a couple of questions comes to mind:

  1. Did you have each Map different parts of the house? or did they map the same area’s
  2. Are they under the same Couch - sounds like they are. I would be concerned here as it tries to head back to the charger and may get confused.

What I would try, move one of the Vacuums to another spot in the house. Then have one clean 1/2 the house and the other clean the other 1/2.

Update: here’s 1 new observation. The wheel’s always seem to “get stuck” (on nothing). It just thinks they’re stuck. I just told it to vacuum a 100% empty hallway (zero cords, no carpet, no nothing), and it got stuck. Then I hit the vacuum button again to tell it to resume (which it shouldn’t do if it’s stuck but it isn’t). Then it starts to vacuum the whole floor instead of the 1 room I want. Then it magically pauses itself for no reason. Then I tell it to return to base. Then it starts to map the entire floor again.

This thing is a POS…

Update 2: this item is still under warranty. Wyze’s contact form does not have a selection for Robot Vacuum for whatever reason so I had to select Camera just to send a support request…