Robot Vacuum Getting Lost Doing Perimeter

The past few days I’ve been having problems with the robot vacuum getting confused and lost when it’s doing a perimeter scan before it cleans the room, or also, if it detects an object in the middle of the room it can get lost doing it’s perimeter and box itself into a loop. See attached image from this morning where, for no reason, it left the perimeter and found it’s way to the kitchen island, did it’s perimeter and just got stuck inside it. I had to send it back to the charging station. Can anyone give me insight on how to fix this? I’ve thoroughly cleaned the device and also created a new map and it’s still happening.

I also have a lot of problems with it getting lost on our oriental rugs where it does random loops. We have one area rug that has crazy patterns and it won’t even do that rug. It just stops and says to clear it’s proximity sensor. I’ve since setup a zone to keep it out of that area.

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After a year+ of using the WYZE vac, this has only happened to me a few times in the last few weeks too. Mine was in my kitchen and the vac went around the room, around our table + chairs, and then declared it was clean with a similar pattern. I don’t recall this happening outside of the last <two weeks in case that’s helpful.


Mine has been doing this the past few weeks as well. It seems like it happens when it’s by chairs with four legs (dining room).