Vacuum getting lost

Ever since the firmware update earlier this week, the vacuum keeps getting lost. It starts to do a lap around the house but at various places it goes through a virtual wall and ends up where it isn’t supposed to be, and it thinks it’s mapping new rooms coming off the house at random angles. After one cleaning it wanted to save update to the map. I agreed and it was so bad I had to reset it. We started new and it keeps doing the same thing. Doesn’t happen at the same place. Help please.
Before the update it was vacuuming the house nightly ever since we got it out of the box and never saw any issues.

I have been having the above issues since I got the vacuum. Been emailing support for weeks with photos and logs. only got one response advising me to do a factory reset. which I did but has not fixed the issues. The vacuum is basically useless at this point and my old blind deebot vacuum works better.

Photo Example:

I guess I’ll keep waiting. Moved base to new location last night. Going to see if that helps any

Mine does the same thing. Ever since the update. Since the latest update to the Vac, 1.6.97, it will do the floor correctly and then if I don’t turn it off and start it again in a couple of days it starts out right but then it goes off course like it is mapping a whole new room. It usually gets stuck by my steps and errors out. In the normal map I have a virtual wall in that location so it doesn’t get stuck. I then have turn if off, recharge it, and then do it again. It’s like the LIDAR starts mapping a new room like your picture.

running into the same issue since 1.6.97 and it seems to be closely tied to my rooms with the most light and the most “under furniture” spaces. It’s like when I come out from under a dresser into sunlight, the bot gets lost but keeps moving. The only fix I’ve come up with so far is totally blocking off going under furniture in my brightest rooms.

Just adding my name to the list for visibility. I only got my vacuum a week ago, so started with the latest firmware. I’ve been very disappointed in the mapping so far. On its first attempt, it made it about 3/4 through the house then got confused and added whole new rooms. Second attempt it got it right and I was impressed. Every day since then, though, it gets maybe one room done correctly then veers wildly off course, changing the map as it goes. I hope they update it soon, otherwise I’ll return it and go back to my 6 year old dumb roomba, which does a better job at the moment.

I had he issue and Wyze support told me to do a factory reset. These are the instructions.

To factory reset your Wyze Robot Vacuum, press and hold the home button for 5 seconds. You will hear a voice prompt for “Factory reset will begin”. Release and then press and hold the home button again for 5 seconds. When you hear “Factory reset was successful”, it means that the reset is complete.

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So, @batman825, did the factory reset help you?

@joshuapenman Yes it did, been working fine ever since.