Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

You just clarified the COMPLETE DISORGANIZATION within the Wyze company! The right hand didn’t know what the left hand is doing!!! How to you release a product for sale to a retailer with ZERO CONTROL or knowledge of its distribution!!! For you to release TWO VERSIONS OF FIRMWARE to the same store is complete incompetence!!! I purchased mine from Walmart and it has 113 firmware and NOT 306!!! You people haven’t even apologized or acknowledged your blunder…sounds very similar to your data breach a few years ago! The 306 firmware was PROMISED the month of February! I WILL file a class action lawsuit agains Wyze if that doesn’t happen! You advertised features on the box that were SOLD AT WALMART and those features are NOT WORKING on many of our vacuums!!! Plus you DID know about the different firmwares because the packaging was different on each one! So this shows knowledge of the deception!!! I’d say this makes for a quite compelling case against you! If you know how to actually contact your legal team you may want to!!!


I picked up a cheaper Eufy for $80 at walmart to use downstairs. Left the wyze upstairs. Works well enough for me. Not too unhappy about not getting multi floor cleaning as I’d have to manually move the wyze upstairs anyway. But it is disappointing about the promises made about the firmware and the lack of communication. Oh well

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I purchased this in 2020 during pre-order. My robot vacuum is crippled and wouldn’t connect to wyze app. I was moving houses during the time so I unboxed this after 1 year and warranty is over. I am stuck with a vacuum as good as irobot first gen vacuum. Wyze hasn’t been able to tell me how to manually update the firmware through the onboard micro usb port.

@Rin - Where is this micro usb port on the Vacuum ?

BTW, for all of us waiting on the promised firmware update, I highly doubt it is going to happen. If you can’t be without the new firmware, and are still in the return period for Walmart, my suggestion would be to return it.

Head over 13:44

You have to take the robot apart.

I’m no longer in the return window! What I WILL DO is file a class action lawsuit against Wyze for false advertising!!! I have the box with all the proof I need! I’ve already talked to an attorney about this.

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Hey there! I have the Wyze Beta app and I’m still stuck on 1.6.113 nearly a year later. How can I get 1.6.202, .306, + or whichever is the current version?

I’m on the same situation as you are Trying to setup my vacuum but it’s not getting added to the app for some reason It’s connecting properly to my wifi as I can see the device fine but failing to add it on the app Its so frustrating and can’t use it yet as I havent done any mappings yet :frowning: Any help would be greatly appreciated

In my case, the only solution was to get a new device under a warranty exchange. I was never able to get that particular vacuum to talk with Wyze’s servers.

Still waiting for firm ware update. Still at 1.6.113. Was expected 1/2023 … nothing. Now Feb. Still nothing. Come on Waze. What is the current lie on when we will get this update?

I’d really appreciate an update on this issue soon. Feeling kind of strung along. Very reminiscent of the sensors that were promised as an addition to the thermostat a few years ago. Overall good products, but definitely gives pause on consideration of future purchases.

They are hoping everyone will forget about it!!!

Got an update notification from my app. 1.6.202 has been installed. Supposedly with spot cleaning and multi floor. Will check it out later

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Got a prompt on my app too. But it’s to .199. Will see if another comes up for .202 and beyond.

But on the release notes, the “original” vacuum notes don’t indicate multi-room mapping and spot cleaning coming anymore.

UPDATE: I’LL BE DAMNED. Got it up to .202 and Spot Clean/Multi-Floor Map is up!


I’ve been on 1.6.130 (former Beta). No update yet offered on my device

My preorder og vacuum just got updated from 1.6.113 to .199 and right after to .202 with spot cleaning and mutlifloor!


Just updated 1.6.113 to 1.6.199 to 1.6.202
Took about 5 minutes at most and all looks good

Thank you Wyze!


I saw this email saying the update was out. Update went well 133->199->202 …took less than 5 minutes…I haven’t tried the multiroom or spot cleaning but I see the buttons for them. Thank you Wyze for FINALLY doing the right thing!!!



Some my Non Walmart vacuum just updated to todays firmware release… great thanks.
My Walmart S model is stuck at 1.6.173. Please advice. Thanks

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Here’s the announcement:

There are two versions, depending on whether you are on .113 or a later firmware.