Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 5/12/2021

Wyze Cam v2/Wyze Cam Pan:

Firmware Versions:

  • Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.7. 470

  • Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.7. 470

(This update will take longer than usual because some firmware source code libraries are being updated)

What’s New:

  • Updated firmware source code libraries for improved stability and performance

  • Changed the audio format for compatibility with more video players and browsers

  • Fixed known issues that caused the Event video to be shorter than the displayed length

  • Improved the sound detection sensitivity scale

Suggested Test Areas:

  • Firmware update experience

  • Live streaming and Event viewing

  • Overall camera performance and stability

Wyze Robot Vacuum:

Firmware Version:

  • 1.6.130

What’s New:

  • Added a multi-point relocation algorithm

  • Improved room scanning and mapping performance to prevent incomplete cleaning and missed spots

  • Fixed a bug that caused an overlapped cleaning path issue

Suggested Test Areas:

  • Mapping

  • Cleaning


V2 FW loaded without issue and relatively quickly, for me. Had to restart 1 of the V2 Camera’s as it seemed to keep going to 0Kbps regularly. After restart, it was ok (Note, this was the one with the Bridge in it). The other Camera had no issues.

Vacuum FW Loaded as well, actually took sometime to complete. Will remap and test Friday evening.

One of my pan cams got stuck 4 times and failed the update but I got it on the 5th attempt. Everything else went smoothly.

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This is a first for me, one of my black cams after update , just a solid yellow light
I have a recorded event clip one hour before update :neutral_face:

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Started my vacuum update 20 minutes ago. Still running. Should I be worried? I don’t think it should take this long.

My suggestion to this update is, do not do group update


Not sure how long mine took. But it took sometime. I was concerned as well. It finally completed.

Are the Lights on the top of the Vacuum blinking white?

Yes, fading in out like usual. Just taking forever.

Not sure what the best course of action is. you can go to the FW Update section and select it from their and see if it triggers it to continue. I actually did that as I got concerned as well.

@Yichen wanted to pass the following on. As you can see previously, I installed the new FW without issue. Now when my wife goes into the garage and triggers the V2 Camera, it first detects a person really fast - great job. However, it also ties to my Alexa Devices and it lets me know that a person was in the Garage 5 times. Like the notification, but don’t need the notification 5 times when we were in the garage once. :slight_smile:

BTW: tested a second time, got 1 Alert on my Phone and 5 notifications on Alexa.

Also note; This is the V2 Camera with my Wyze Bridge in it. Not that this matters, but thought you should know in the event it is related.

Log submitted Number is 204464

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Hi HDRock, do you still have solid yellow camera saved? If so, may I get it back for analysis, I would like to send you a new one (or a v3 if you prefer) for replacement.


Yes I still have it , I didn’t throw it away, yeah I’ll send it to ya. you can send a v3 if you like
I fooled around with a little bit more yesterday but when I plug it in , I hear a little click and then nothing but solid yellow light. It didn’t have an SD card in it.
Not sure why that one failed , there is a white v2 about 6 feet from that one that updated OK , I have quite a few V2s they are all updated OK and working


After the update of my two wyze cam V2’s I noticed I have no sound on the 24/7 recordings. The live view has audio and the motion activated recordings have audio.

My cam V2 won’t update to – it says “Your firmware is up to date Installed Version”

I have updated 9 v2s ( and 3 pans ( yesterday without issues. Everything is fine.

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Are cam V1 obligated to get this? See no benefits

Just remapped my home and it had not issues. Tomorrow the cleaning will begin.

@Yichen, wanted to pass on that I am still having the issue with my V2 Camera and receiving 5 Alerts from Alexa and one notification on the Wyze App. The Wyze app is correct where as the Alexa is not.

I tested with a V3 Camera in the same location and Alexa announced only once, which is what was expected. So there may be a possibility that the FW update to the V2 caused some issue with the Alexa / Wyze Skill.

Cam Plus options on Android

Versus on iPad

Pet detection is missing. just to note, it is available in my play back criteria.

@Rui wanted to pass this on. I installed the latest FW 1.6.130, remapped the House, and ran a clean today. It ran perfectly today. The Blinking in the App is still an issue, but was not as frequent. Kudo’s on this FW update.

BTW: the only issue being reported and I also experienced was the longer than usual on the FW Load. Mine took about 30 minutes, and I just read a report where someone indicated 3 hours and it was still going.

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