Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 5/12/2021

@Yichen ,

I am noticing this as well. My iPhone shows Pet as part of the AI selection but not the Android Device.

Android Phone


I just noticed I have that i have no audio on the 24/7 recordings with all 3 of my Pan Cams after the update yesterday

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Pan Cam issue (I Think?)

Latest version iOS and FW for Pan Cam

Are any of you seeing the left and right panning reversed in full screen mode when swiping left and right or is it just me?

The directional buttons work properly as does the panning with finger swipes on the primary camera screen. However when in full screen view left and right swipe panning are reversed? Or has it always been that way and I am just now noticing it?

Not sure if it’s firmware related but after upgrading my V2’s to I’ve been seeing Error (Code 06) more frequently.

Power cycling the cameras hasn’t fixed it, network hasn’t changed.

I was going to try downgrading the firmware but that option isn’t available. Where did it go?

When is the multi maps or multi floor mapping option coming!?

It’s out now under beta (you are in the beta discussion :wink:) You can join the beta program and give it a try.


I have a test version of firmware that may (or may not since it is still under testing) help with your Error 06 issue. Would you like to give it a try? If so, please provide your MAC, I can push it to your device.

Thank you.


Also, could you submit a device log and let me know the log number? (as well as when the Error 06 issue was happening to you?)

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Having read several comments after my message, I realize that I am not in the beta group – that is probably why I was unable to install the new version. Sorry for the distraction…. Joe Russell

I joined beta today and the firmware dropped for my Cam v2s. Initially it said for both that the install failed. When I closed and reopened the app it said that they were both installed. Then one of them said that it was disconnected and it took me closing and reopening the app a few times for it to connect. firmware beta has stop capturing or notifying me of any persons . It has broke cam plus

Same here. No audio on the microSD continuous recordings. All three Pan Cams.

I can’t see robot vacuum update 1.6.130, and I have Beta firmware updates selected for the Robot Vacuum. Was the update taken down?

Sometimes you need to go into the actual device and then go to device info and FW. Not sure why this is but on occasion, I had to do this.

There was another post which also indicated that you need to go to the Beta Program Page, edit the devices you want to select, uncheck them all and save the settings. Then go back in and check the devices you want to test with Beta FW and save that. For some reason this triggers a refresh of the Beta FW. I tried that and was immediately prompted with new FW for my devices.

Something to try.

I’ve been loving the Wyze Robot Vacuum and it is doing a great job of vacuuming the first floor of my home.

I like it so much I want to use it upstairs. But that doesn’t work as would require a quick scan and defining no go zones from scratch every time it is moved.

I think the solution is to have the option to have multiple floor plans supported in the app. This way, you can simply tell it what floor plan is the current location and the robot can then do the rest. Optionally to be able to purchase an additional charging station would be great to eliminate the need for moving this very important reference point on the floor plan.

The other application of this idea is that you can move it to another home, and have it do cleaning there too.

The alternative is that I buy another Wyze Robot Vacuum, but that just seems wasteful. I think there is an opportunity here to get more value from the device, with little to no additional expense.

Multiple floor support is available on the beta app with the beta FW but I don’t believe it has been released to the production app yet. You have to manually switch the floor maps though. It is not automatic.

This is great to hear. I’m already on the beta app. I’ll look into beta firmware.

It would be great to be able to purchase another charging station also. Will that need a separate wish list?

I’ve followed the steps for Hardware Beta testing and have the codecenter profile created. Not seeing how to enroll my robot vacuum though.

Centercode is for hardware beta testing which is completely separate. You need the beta firmware which you can enroll by going to your account tab. Click on about. Then click edit and add the vacuum.

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