Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

I received my replacement (supposedly with the 1.6.202 firmware) from Wyze in four days…apparently they have a fair stock to ship so quickly.

Unfortunately, the replacement unit is not connecting correctly during setup.
I’ve scoured the web, used multiple different phones, tried guest networks, simple SSID and password, cellular off, etc. but still no luck. Maddeningly, I can tell that it gets far enough through the setup process that it is connected to my router just fine… I can see traffic from it going to Wyze servers…but the app just wont register it.

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To clarify, does this mean that those 200S units that are still on .113 will get the multi-floor mapping and spot clean update soon?

When the updated firmware is pushed out, then multi floor and spot will be available on those units. I don’t have any new info other than I was told sometime this month. Since we are two thirds of the way through the month, I’m hoping that’s soon.



Any updates? My timeline is running out on my Walmart return and I need to know whether to return or if firmware update is expected. Thanks!

I do not have any updates yet. Let me poke around and see what i can find out.


End of January … still no update

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We were told there “would be an update coming in January!!! Obviously we were lied to again!!!

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Thanks @WyzeJasonJ

I’m ok if it’s going to be a while. Thankfully I can just return mine.

It would just be helpful to know before I go through the hassle.

Clarity is key.

Thank you for looking into this Jason and appreciate your engagement on the forum. I’ll disagree with the last person and note no, this cannot wait. I’m an early adopter and was in one of the first purchasers of the Wyze vacuum and have shared how awesome it is with many (some even went on to buy). I even beta tested software so I have multilevel cleaning that many others don’t have. It’s been like a year and a half since any updates and this has completely turned me off to the Wyze company. Now when people ask me about my robot vacuum, I say Wyze has abandoned their product, go buy a Roomba as they’ll be much happier. How much longer should your loyal customers wait?

The lack of updates has also been a huge disappointment for me (I pre-ordered the vacuum and was really excited about it). Too many features were promised too long ago with NO updates whatsoever.
Either deliver what you promise or don’t advertise features that just do not exist.
It just makes the product look bad and makes it look like it’s been abandoned by Wyze.

I have only been an employee since May of 2022. Prior to that, I was a user, I have 2 of the robot vacuums that I purchased on day 1. I too am stuck on the old firmware and have been advocating for them to release it for quite some time. I can tell you honestly that I have been pushing for this and passing up the opinions of everyone here and in the other communities.


I’m also one of the original pre-order owners stuck on .113 who has been waiting for firmware updates for multi-floor AND internal wall fixes ever since I first used it. (Also have purchased A LOT of various cameras and a handheld vac, but that’s irrelevant.) My wife is already frustrated with the robot vacuum and never uses it.

I feel like we’ve been strung along for a long time and it’s super frustrating. Jason, maybe print out these posts of frustration and leave them on the desks of people who can show a little bit of progress to early adopters. (…or if you’re working remote, drop them in the company Slack?)

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Do you really think they care about their customers!!?? They have enough sheep who will stick by Wyze no matter what that they don’t need the complainers! Try posting any complaints on the Wyze Facebook group and see how fast you get attacked! They just want this issue to go away! Just like they data breach they had a couple years ago! People defended them during that too!!! What needs to happen is a class action lawsuit for stating a product has features that is doesn’t!

I do this A LOT.

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I also bought our Wyze Robot Vacuum on preorder, (Rosie has 20,476 mins. of scooping up dog hair), and have been mostly very satisfied. We have firmware 1.6.130. We have multi-floor mapping! But would really use spot cleaning. Yes, feel a bit abandoned by Wyze.

We also have 4 cam pans, w cams! Scale handheld vac, and buds. Come on Wyze… take care of your customers.




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Mine is one of the pre-orders and is currently stuck on the 1.6.113 firmware. While I am a bit disappointed that multi-floor may not ever come to my vacuum, I am happy with it overall. I’ve run it almost every night on our main floor. Sure there were some quirks I had to figure out, but it’s given me very few problems. My cleaning history is currently showing over 300k sq feet cleaned and almost 35k minutes cleaning. If/when it starts wearing out I’ll replace it with one of the newer v1.5 vacuums (that’s how I think of them) from Walmart or maybe a v2 (self-empting plus mopping function please!) if one comes down the pike.

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How about upgrading those of us with 133 firmware on the Robot Vacuum!!?? You update the locks but not those of us with a vacuum that was being sold with outdated firmware!!!

Some good news and hope for others:
I received my third replacement today for a vacuum purchased at Walmart in December that came with 1.6.113…and this one actually had an updated firmware version.
My first replacement also came with 1.6.113, so it went back.
My second replacement would never complete the setup process (it wouldn’t connect to the server) so it went back.
This third replacement is the first one that came with markings that it is refurbished (which I’m not too excited about) but at least it has the updated firmware that has the feature that are advertised on the box-- version 1.6.202.

My advice to others who are looking for the updated firmware… keep calling Wyze and requesting a warranty replacement. Eventually you’ll get a working product.

This is what I received from Wyze support after requesting an exchange in late January

I see that you are requesting a replacement unit for your Wyze Robot Vacuum since you wanted to have firmware version 1.6.306. My sincerest apologies if I was not able to get back to you sooner. No worries, I will do my best to explain this to you.

I was able to review the email thread thoroughly and you are correct, a firmware (version 1.6.306) will be released soon for users like you to have the multi-floor feature available. With this said, a replacement unit will not help you update to firmware version 1.6.306 since it has not been released for production. As of now, there is no ETA on when this firmware will be released but I can guarantee you that we will update all of our users through our newsletters or a pop-up notification on your Wyze app.

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And also from Wyze support

Wyze Robot Vacuums that have firmware version 1.6.306 is only available in Walmart. This means that these vacuums are only shipped directly to Walmart. Our team does not have the power to control how products are shipped to retailers. In addition to this, we don’t have these types or versions available in our inventory for us to ship them out to you. If we had them in stock, there would be no problem in processing a replacement for you.

It is not that I don’t want to help, but my team doesn’t have a way to control or access the inventory and we have no control over this as we are not part of the next stage.

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