Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

Just got one of these for Christmas. Pickup at Walmart. Box clearly states multi floor mapping. Has firmware 1.6.113 with no update available in app. Rather disappointed. This is my first Wyze product and will probably by my last. Pretty terrible to list a feature on the front of the box that it doesn’t really have. Shame on you Wyze. (Box sleeve looks terrible because I folded it up).

They never gave me a support ticket. The just had me submit two logs from the app. I have those numbers if they will work? The girls that I spoke to didn’t seem too knowledgeable and unsure as what to do. @WyzeJasonJ @UserCustomerGwen

Just as an FYI, Jason & Gwendolyn were off for the Holiday weekend which included today, but Jason should get back to you as soon as he gets back on and catches up with all his messages over the weekend. Just wanted to let you know why there wasn’t a reply yet and to let you know that you’re not being ignored.

Also, the forums are now primarily Jason’s. Gwendolyn still stops in occasionally when they are helping Jason out, or maybe just to chill in the watercooler for fun, etc, but Gwendolyn’s primary community platform now is Facebook and doesn’t come here as frequently or handle most of the important forum community stuff like this. :+1: Though we still love whenever Gwendolyn does stop in. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, just wanted to let you know why there was no further response since Friday after your last reply to Jason, but he should see your tag when he’s back and available.


If your contact to support was by phone, there should have been a followup email concluding the contact. That email would have the support ticket number. Could it possibly be in your spam folder?

BTW, I’m in the same boat. I have two Walmart purchased vacs that are on the .113 firmware. From the discussions I’ve had, I know that they really are planning to get them updated after the first of the year. It has to be done carefully because there is some risk involved with certain hardware iterations. They didn’t want to do it over the holidays in case something bad were to happen resulting in a period where you couldn’t use the vacuum when you have guests coming.


I am sorry they should have given you a ticket number when you contacted them. We are currently finalizing the plans to do the updates in January if everything goes well. The logs will not do me any good as those just go over to the developers.


Same boat here. Got one from Walmart with that same box. Strange they would have the packaging say it if the feature wasn’t ready yet.

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I preordered this vacuum back when it was first announced. I am on firmware 1.6.113 and had no idea other versions were even released. Rather disappointing. Is there any way for me to force these updates or load manually?

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I purchased one of these vacuums at Walmart last week that was delivered today. It clearly states on the box that it supports multiple rooms and spot cleaning, but the firmware on the device (1.6.113, which the app states is “up to date”) does not appear to support those features–which are the primary reason that I picked this vacuum over a competitor.

Can Wyze provide a software update that fixes these missing features, or will I need to return the vacuum to Walmart for a refund?

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Just so newcomers don’t have to read this entire thread, please see this post and this one.

AFAIK, the plan is still to push out the updated firmware sometime this month.


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I also picked up one of the WalMart Wyze Vacuums that were on sale. However my Vacuum came with FW 1.6.306

There have been other reports of WalMart selling the old unit within the new unit sale. Either they received the wrong ones or they put the wrong ones out. One thing that I see as different is that mine had no “box sleeve”. Everything was printed on the outside of the suitcase box. UPC was on the box in 3 places: 0810083471310

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So sounds like maybe they are placing a sleeve over the older units that advertise the features but do not have the firmware update?

The vacuum I received from Walmart last week had the sleeve on the box. It is on the old firmware and is the 200S model. Just figured i’d add another data point.

:man_shrugging: No clue. I haven’t seen any inside WalMart either way. I selected curbside pickup and must have gotten lucky. I am just sharing what mine looked like.

I called Wyze phone support and explained the issue with the unit that I purchased from Wal-Mart last week being stuck at firmware 1.6.113. The agent thought that my store must have just had some old units lying around (even though they had multi-floor and spot cleaning clearly indicated on the box).
The agent offered to replace the robot vacuum with an updated unit once I mail in the existing one using a pre-paid shipping label.

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I just warrantied my vacuum (lidar issue) and learned that wyze has zero stock for replacements on hand. That’s what they told me, I called after it hadn’t shipped for two weeks.

So I doubt we are getting a firmware update anytime soon. I believe they wanted to make sure there were lots of replacements on hand for bricked units. Right now that number is zero.

there’s a ton at walmart right now for $149
I guess that is where the stock went.

My Walmart Wyze Robot vacuum is also stuck on firmware 1.6.113. I opened a support case, but the rep said that there is nothing that he could do.

[Wyze Ticket 2708470] Re: Wyze Robot Vacuum | Can’t Update Firmware

Absolutely ridiculous that the product will not function as advertised.

This is not true. I got a 1.6.113 version from Walmart. I submitted a support ticket to Wyze, They then had me submit a log via the app and I had to send them a screenshot of my device info (with MAC address), as well as a copy of my Walmart receipt. Using all of this information they were able to push the updates to my device. I’m now on version 1.6.202, which has spot cleaning and multi-floor. I’m sure it’s extra work on their end, but I’m sharing this because it shouldn’t be an issue to begin with (false advertising on the packaging).

I mainly wanted the multi-floor mapping, but I’m loving the spot cleaning feature even more than that!

Good luck everyone.


I purchased my vacuum from Amazon in April 2022 with the understanding that multi floor mapping was coming via firmware update. One year later, still don’t have it. I contacted support today and this was their response

We tried to check on this for you, multi floor mapping is only available with Wyze Robot Vacuums that were released at Walmart for now. It has firmware version 1.6.306. But since you purchased the WRV through other sellers or our shop you will have the Original WRV firmware. We would need to wait further for future updates for Multi-floor mapping for the Original WRV version. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I began a return for the Walmart wyze robot vacuum that I received which is stuck on 1.6.113 and ordered another one from Walmart in hopes that the new one will include the multi floor mapping firmware out of the box. Hopefully it is otherwise that one will be going back as well.