Firmware Updates - Released 3/1/2023

Wyze Sense Hub, Wyze Lock Bolt, and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, and Wyze Robot Vacuums using firmware 1.6.113 all have firmware updates today! These improve connectivity, fix bugs, and add new features like the ability to unlock Wyze Lock Bolt from the Wyze Video Doorbell Live page.

The Wyze Robot Vacuum firmware is adding the existing features (like Multi-floor Mapping) and Spot Cleaning to vacuums that didn’t have them yet. Thanks for your patience with this! Beta testers, we haven’t forgotten you! You’ll be hearing from us about the update process for you soon.

Wyze Sense Hub:
Wyze Lock Bolt:
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro: 1.0.73
Wyze Robot Vacuum: 1.6.199 and 1.6.202

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Wow! Some long anticipated major updates all at once!

This will make a lot of people happy.

Wyze cofounders said they were going to put extra effort into improving their already existing products this year. These updates fit within that promise. Appreciate the effort Wyze team. :+1:


I’m really glad to see updated firmware for the vacuum! I am on the beta version, so I eagerly await an update. :grinning:Thanks Wyze!


The VDB Pro firmware update sounds interesting:
1.0.73 Added support for locking or unlocking Wyze Lock Bolt from the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro live stream.
I am assuming this means the VDB PRO must be within bluetooth range of the lock bolt (or the chime)?
I do not see an option on my VDB Pro live screen to unlock my Lock Bolt (both just got firmware updates).

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I guess the mobile app 2.40 is about to be released?

The feature I was waiting for - the HMS pluri password support - requires it.
Updated but no way to configure it…yet!

App is in final RC testing. Configuration for the multiple PINs is in there. I added a PIN and it worked immediately in the Keypad.

Also on the vacuum beta, so looking forward to the update. Any timing info you can share?

Are you asking about timing on the Vacuum Beta and FW they just released or the 2.40 App RC Beta?

Sorry, to clarify I mean the vacuum beta. Is it days, weeks, months, etc?

I believe the vacuum Beta is over. The new firmware releases were announced above.

Reports in the Vacuum threads are positive so far. Many have reported their stepped updates have successfully added the features.

I wasn’t part of that Beta, but there was a note above that indicates those who were will be updated in a separate process.

What about vacuums stuck on 1.6.173?

I cant upgrade the firmware on my Wyze Lock Bolt. Looks like it connects then drops off. any suggestions?