Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

Thanks. Mine got updated too.


Just did the two updates, first to 1.6.199 then a second update to 1.6.202.

Was on .113 since initial launch (pre-order) unit.

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I am on 1.6.130 (former Beta) as well and no updates yet. Hopefully Wyze will come through soon.

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My vacuum hung on the .199 update. After waiting 30 minutes I hard power cycled it and the update completed installation. Then the .202 update installed successfully without any interaction.


I am told that the firmware updates for the beta firmware is not ready yet. They are still working on ensuring that it can be completed without causing issues.

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Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed !

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What about vacuums stuck on 1.6.173??

There’s a note on the firmware update page:

Note: This 2-part firmware update is only available to vacuums using version 1.6.113. Some vacuums purchased from Walmart already have version 1.6.306. Beta testers using old test firmware ending in .126, .130, or .173 will receive more information about the update process soon and will not be able to update to this firmware yet.

You might want to share this with your support team as I am on version 1.6.130 and just went through an almost 2-hour session where I had to drop the beta program for the device, drop the beta program for the wyze app, factory reset the vacuum (losing all my maps :frowning:) and then submit logs for your engineers. While this update is obscenely long overdue the staff should know this was still being worked on and asked me to wait instead of wasting my time and forcing me to remap my entire house.

@themana As I’m a volunteer and not a Wyze employee, they aren’t really “my” support team. (Wyze employees are identified with Wyze Team next to their name.)

That said, if you can post the support ticket number, I can pass that along to get the word to the support group for additional coaching on this. Unfortunately, I have no way to pass it along without the ticket number.

@WyzeJasonJ Any updated information on the firmware release for others that were on the beta and are not yet on .202? I’m on 1.6.130

I do not have that info yet but it is coming soon, I don’t believe the 202 release has anything you do not have in the 130 release though, I would have to check to be sure.

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Thanks for the quick reply. While I do have multi floor, I very much want spot cleaning which I don’t have

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Any updates for us stranded on one of the beta builds? It has been over a month since this went out to a majority of people but your early backers and beta testers are stuck with the oldest firmware.

It’s not happening. Customer support had no clue what I was talking about. Best thing to do is arrange a Warranty return as the Beta Bricked your device.

We are working on it, there are one or two items we are still in the process of resolving then you should hear from us about updates, the goal is to get all the various beta branches merged back together for those that want or need to update.

It is going to happen but customer service has not been involved in it yet since we have not got to that point.

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@WyzeJasonJ Any update for us betas?

Not yet, but I haven’t forgotten about you. I will poke at them again today for an update.

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I still show as having firmware 1.6.130, but somehow spot cleaning magically appeared!


Wowzers - Mark you are a genius! I see spot cleaning as well in the beta!! Finally!