Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

@WyzeJasonJ I am on beta 1.6.173. If the beta branches get merged would I loose my multifloor / spotclean ability since I have the 200S robot?

@diArdi @MeLikeyNewProducts
We were able to add the spot cleaning with a cloud change.

No, you will not lose any features in the process…

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I am still stuck on beta firmware 1.6.164. Would love to see this finally get resolved.

I asked about this in the AMA this week. Here is what they said:

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Everything awful. :frowning:

What about ver 1.6.126?

Just checked, I do have spot clean & multilevel with ver 1.6.126.

So guess all is ok?

Any updates on an update?

I haven’t heard anything about them getting a new team trained on the repairs yet, so I think we’re still waiting on that.

Not speaking for Wyze here, but since they said part of the problem was that they trained people how to manage the repairs and then learned those people would no longer be available…I don’t know if that was due to attrition issues with a contractor or who knows exactly what it means, but it does seem like nationally, work attrition rates have started to slow down and become more stable. It’s still worse than during pre-pandemic rates, but it’s 24% lower now than in the peak turnover, so maybe that will help.

The only thing I have really heard is that they still plan to do it, but I don’t have any ETA or know more details than what Gwendolyn said in that post I quoted above. I’ll keep an eye out though because I have a Wyze Robot Vacuum that needs the update still too.

As a beta test user for the vacuum and a long time fan of Wyze, the response and lack of updates to this issue is pretty concerning. One of my two vacuum’s batteries has actually degraded, to the point it’s no longer usuable, faster than this fix could be released.

Is this getting any attention from the Wyze team? or is this firmware branch officially dead? What sort of message does that send to your early adopters and beta users?

Yes software updates have ended. I had two on two different firmware versions. If I moved the charger it wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. It would glitch out around windows. I often had to tap the room I selected more than once as it would unselect. It would get stuck under the same piece of furniture over and over. I returned my two vacuum and moved on to another brand.
So have a few others I know. :frowning:

I didn’t see any questions about this in their latest AMA, so they didn’t give us any more info about their plans.

I can set a reminder to myself to ask about it next time.

Just out of curiosity, what are you still missing in the beta firmware that other firmware branches have? (I ask because there are a few different branches now)

For the most part, I thought the last production firmware update was mostly bringing the production devices up to finally get the stuff that most of the beta users already had, even though they are separate firmware versions. If production users have something the beta users don’t, I’d like to figure out what the differences are and pass some of that feedback on to someone at Wyze. I think most everyone should have spot cleaning and multi-floor mapping now at least. That was their main goal, so they may consider the situation basically stable now. I am not sure. As I said, we’ll have to ask in the next AMA now.
I’m on Beta too, but it seems like I have all the features.

Yes, it is to be expected that it may require remapping if you move the charger out of place.

In my experience, this is normal with every LiDAR dependent Robot Vacuum, especially depending on the glass situation, how reflective vs transparent it is.

Definitely a common frustration for lots of Robot vacuums, particularly those that have a protruding lidar sensor.

I would like for Wyze to add an optional upgrade to the WRV (current or future model) with a camera in the front that uses AI to help it navigate, avoid small things that could jam it up, etc. I know some people wouldn’t want that, but I tried out a Robot vacuum that supported AI and it was AWESOME! No more pre-cleaning needed. Still, for the price, it’s an awesome LiDAR Robot vacuum in my use case.

I already set myself a reminder for AMA2ASK. My new vacuum other brand does not have window issues or getting stuck issues. Definitely needs a firmware upgrade on the WYZE. My friends and I may come back when the issues are fixed. Price isn’t the issue. If it was free but causes grief then it’s still not worth it. :wink:

I’ve said this thousands of times here… You get what you paid for… Nothing means NOTHING! :slight_smile:

Does anyone here know the differences between AI and UI is? I’ll give you a hint!
AI = artificial intelligence
UI =

You got that right. I returned 2 and some friends too. Haha. They think people don’t notice.

I’m still stuck on beta firmware 1.6.173. It was my pleasure to help Wyze as a Beta Tester, but I am no longer enrolled in the Beta Program. Why can’t I upgrade/downgrade this beta firmware to the production version? Can’t Wyze push the firmware update to my vacuum if I supply the MacID? Or can the USB port on the vacuum be used to install the production firmware? It is not fair to just leave us hanging with obsolete unreleased firmware! Here is a screenshot of the “current” firmware on the 2 vacuums we have:

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Luckily, I have 2 vacuum units that is VER: 1.6.306. I did purchased 5 units but returned 3 because of the version of the firmware. I have been very happy with my 2 units for 2 years now!
My suggestion here is that get the unit at Walmart. Get it home and validate REV level if its not 306… put back in box and return it to the store or do as i did buy 5 keep 2…lol

For anyone that missed it, the 173 beta track firmware basically has all of the same features as the later firmware, but beta track users got it much earlier than everyone else.

The problem is that upgrading past 173 for many units runs the risk of bricking them in a way that we end users couldn’t deal with directly. Wyze had contracted with a team to help deal with this, but something happened and that third party team is no longer an option. Wyze said they were looking into other options, but I guess a cost-effective one was never found, since beta users remain on 173 for now.

My 173 units work well, so I’m not really worried about it, personally, but I do recommend that you don’t ever install betas unless you’re willing to run a risk. These firmware versions are in testing for a reason.

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Your right… sorta! However, I really don’t want to be anything but a user and my time is valuable, isn’t yours? It’s time all of you to do a reality check…in my opinion…