Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

I did remember to ask about this in this week’s AMA. I am not sure if they will answer it or not since most of the answers will be from the Product Manager for the V4. But it does say we can ask them “ANYTHING” so I asked anyway. If anyone wants to make it more likely that someone will address the question, you can upvote it here:


You are mistaken. I paid for my vacuum, and was invited to beta test firmware afterwards. I actually preordered it when it first came out. Now I am stuck on old firmware with no upgrade path. Even though we have been promised it would be rectified. The right thing to do as a company is push the firmware, and if the unit bricks, replace it.

Most people I know bought a new one and packaged up and returned the neglected firmware version to the store. It’s on par with leaving customers despondent.