Wyze robot vacuum - error message - obstacles are blocking me please help


I have a Wyze robot vacuum that i bought from Walmart. its currently on FW 1.6.202.

Yesterday I had it cleaning and it had stopped, I did not record the error message at that time. But after hitting the home button, I expected it to return to the charging base. But it tried in vain to move and after a few seconds, it gave me an error message that “obstacles are blocking me”. Then I manually put it back on the charger and got the “starting to charge” message. Now even after fully charging back, the Wyze robot vacuum refuses to clean.

I see that the wheels try to move, but its just a nudge forward. No real movement forward or backward.

Any thoughts on whats going on? Here is the log id in case anyone from wyze is looking at this: 967761

Have you flipped it upside down and fully inspected the wheels and drive mechanism for something that may be wound up inside and preventing it from moving?

The wheels should spring up and down and turn with some resistance. You will hear the motors turning when rotating them. Make sure the center pivot wheel turns freely. The brush should also rotate with minor resistance. Pinch the blue tabs and remove the Brush Retainer plate. Remove the brush and make sure there is nothing wound around it.

Is the edge brush rotating when it does this?