WYZE Robot Vacuum App

Model: WRV200S
Firmware: 1.6.306
Plugin Ver: 2.36.1
Wyze App Ver: v2.38.0 (153)
Hi All, I’m new here and purchased 2 Robo Vacs and so far happy. The one area of need is to be able to edit the mapping once it’s complete. Example: it finds 4 rooms but, I only want 3 rooms vacuumed and yes I know I could just shut the door. however, it doesn’t have a door so I cut a board and rerun mapping but still see’s that room…lol so really need to be able to select a room and then DEL the room and save.
Right now im using NoGo Zone and it works good. But the room it found is my neighbor next door threw a wall in a condo…lol

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However you do it, you will always need to maintain a No Go zone on that open passage whenever you do a full house clean. Even if you were able to delete that room, if you send it out for a whole house clean it will see the open door, enter it, clean, and then ask if you want it updated to the map.

The Vacuum is a new discovery device. When it is out doing a whole house clean, it is fully open to discovering new territory and asking you if you want that area updated to the map. That is why it pulls a perimeter sweep prior to cleaning a room. It is verifying the outer perimeter and bondaries.

Only when you instruct it to clean a specifically designated room will it adhere to the room boundaries you set. During a whole house clean, the map is being updated, not followed.

The No Go zone is the best option unless you plan to never do a whole house clean.

The only way to get the room off the map is to delete the map, block the passage, and remap the house. But again, if you pull the block and send it out to clean the house, it will rediscover that room.


Great concept, However in my case there is no room, door, or access to this other side of my condo. It’s reading my neighbor’s unit threw the walls! LOL and labels it as a room. The first time cleaned the room it went and tried to go threw the wall so I have created a No Go to that wall. It would be great to edit or delete any room on demand before saving the map. Just saying!
Thanks, SlabSlayer for your input here.

Wow. Thin walls if the Lidar can penetrate that. In fact… Glass walls. Lidar uses Laser Light. If it can’t physically see it, it can’t map it.

But… I am confused. Your original post stated you had to cut a board to block it off. If there is a wall there… Why? That doesn’t make sense.

If there is a wall there it makes no difference if the room on the other side is on the map or not. The vacuum can’t go there anyway.

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PROBLEM SOLVED!! I finally after your comments on Lidar Laser Light LOL OMG it was itself! Yes the room behind the wall / closest has Mirrored Doors… lol So the room shows up as another room…LOL
To test this I put paper over mirror doors and it’s gone… LOL Thanks for the info on Lidar!!
Best Regards, Capt. Rob

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