Wyze Robot Vacuum App Power Off Option

The Wyze Robot Vacuum App does not have a way to power off the Vacuum if it gets stuck on something. It continues to run until the battery dies. It would be great if there was a Firmware update to include a way to power off the Vacuum.

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Simple option request- turn off vacuum robot


It is known that a lifetime of battery is greatly impacted by the number of charge-discharge cycles it goes through. This is the reason probably, Google and apple have implemented adaptive charging in their phones.

Adaptive charging would be great- but you could meanwhile add an option to trigger turning off the vacuum robot.
Personally, I run the vacuum twice a week when I’m outside the house. I forget that it’s there and it’s always on charge. It charges from 95- 100% hundreds of times in a day which, I believe, impacts the battery negatively.

My wish is to have the option to turn off the robot vacuum from the app, or just turn it off near the charger after it’s done. I will manually turn it on when I need. This saves a huge number of charge discharge cycles for the battery.

Remote Shut down/power off integration/feature

Good afternoon Wyze Team,

Can you all integrate/add a feature in the firmware and software for the Wyze Robot Vacuum that allows users to remotely turn it off whether it’s off or on the charging station so we don’t have to be physically present to turn it off whether its off or on the charging dock?
Note: It would be nice if you all could make this feature charge the robot vacuum while it is powered off just like a cellphone or laptop can do if they are powered off and hooked to their chargers.