Does Wyze Robot Vacuum automatically turn off when it isn't charging?

Does anyone know when the Robot Vacuum isn’t charging, will it eventually turn itself off or will it continue to stay on and drain the battery? For instance, if it gets stuck and pauses itself, but no one is home to fix it. Or if the power goes out while it is docked at the charger. Is there a time period after which it will power down to conserve battery?

Cannot say with 100% accuracy, but I believe it drains itself. I have had it go to 0% battery before, but that may have been related to a different issue as it happened when it was on the charger.

My Father-in-laws got tangled up on cables and could not get out of it. It eventually drained its battey.

@carverofchoice, @R.Good, @Bam any of you know?

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I believe it tries to stay in a paused-but-on state (connected to the internet) as long as possible so that it can still be controlled remotely. It will only power off if there isn’t enough power to keep it on.

I am not 100% sure, but that is what I recall from using it on different floors without moving the charger with it.


I concur. I have had mine get confused, and just stop, stayed powered and drained. But this was in early release, and have had no such issues since.

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Mine has always turns itself off after a while of being off the charger, but not cleaning. It does that long before the battery is dead. When on the charger, it will stay on always.

However, even when the vacuum is off the battery will continue to drain (but slowly).